039 – Interview with Zahia Araji

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About Zahia

Zahia Araji is an incredibly strong woman who is so passionate about, not only her business, but the direct sales industry as a whole.

Just as most stories go, Zahia was not that passionate about this industry at first as she dabbled her way through different companies as a hobbyist. Zahia had been involved with the direct sales industry since the age of 16. But when she saw the products and learned a bit more about the business side of her current company, she was ready to go all the way. Boy, did she. Zahia is now one of the most influential direct sales leaders in Australia.

Words to live by from Zahia: “You will succeed if you believe in your product, believe in your company and if you believe in yourself.” Listen to this incredible story of success and passion as I get to the heart of the matter with Zahia Araji.

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