Why I only shop at Trader Joe’s–and some sales people suck!

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I can’t believe I actually said “some sales people suck” in my subject line, but it’s so true.

I made a decision three years ago that if I didn’t get extraordinary service, I wasn’t going back.  It was almost a subconscious decision because one day I realized I had stopped shopping at ALL these groceries stores except Trader Joe’s.  Why? I don’t like my time wasted, don’t like to be ripped off and don’t like crappy service.

Ironically it’s WHY most Direct Sellers aren’t getting what they want.  Come on, consumers expect more whether you’re building your business live or online.

Check out my video in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s in my sweaty gym clothes. There might be a powerful message in it for you. Sorry, I look like s_it in the video but my team has been challenging me to be more authentic. I’ve agreed, because I’m really in a Nike hat most of my week, LOL!

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