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Yesterday our family celebrated my father-in-law’s amazing life.

The last minute travel plans, the expensive airline ticket, red-eye flight and lack of sleep was worth everything! All human beings really only have one thing in common; our lives will eventually come to an end. The beauty in keeping that thought at the forefront of our mind is that we can CHOOSE to live each day to the fullest.

It was amazing witnessing my father-in-law, Culas Hutchinson’s, life of sixty years of a beautiful marriage, four amazing children and eight grandchildren, especially at the burial as they said goodbye.

His two daughters and two son’s all of which have two children, one son and one daughter were congregating at the end of the burial in separate families with arms wrapped around one another with tears of love, pain of loss and deep gratitude for the legacy he had modeled in their own individual lives.

A month before his death my wife Lynn encouraged her siblings and children to write a letter to him sharing their story of gratitude for the impact he had made in their lives.

The video you’re about to witness is a video of a bagpiper playing Amazing Grace from a distance, walking into Culas’s backyard where he was presented with letters from his children and grandchildren sharing their story of the difference he has made in their lives. Everything is replaceable, except our life.

On Wednesday, August 26th, my Daddy received a bitter prognosis of lung cancer with 8 – 12 weeks to live without chemo. Wednesday was also his 87th birthday. My children, their spouses and I planned this bagpipe performance of Amazing Grace for his birthday without knowing he was going to the oncologist that same day. He said this gift was one of the best experiences of his life. We love him so much.

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