What are you doing?

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And are you seeing results? How often do you think about the things you do for your business each day? You need to clear your mind and focus on wealth building activities.

What is a wealth building activity? A wealth building activity brings you abundance, fulfillment, or both.

What’s a wealth depleting activity? A wealth depleting activity costs you time and money! It’s an activity that’s not worth your hourly wage or doesn’t bring you fulfillment. Often entrepreneurs don’t earn higher commissions because their time is focused on wealth depleting activities that take too much time, and in return, detours entrepreneurs from creating the wealth building activities that earns them the highest return or immense fulfillment.

Wealth building activities:

Parties (or shows, workshops, i.e., whatever you call your customer gatherings), launch parties, re-launch parties, planning (project list), hostess coaching, interviewing, mentoring, opportunity events, on-the-party training (train while you build your personal business/parties, hostess coaching, interviewing, connection calls), new consultant training and meetings.

Wealth depleting activities:

Administrative tasks: making hostess packets, placing your party orders, invitations, standing at the post office, house work, balancing your check book, email, obsessive social networking, errands and tax preparation.

I have a question for you. Would you do more business such as parties, launch parties, relaunch parties, interviews or connection calls, if you were making $100 to $200 an hour and had support with the tasks I just shared with you? Hmmm… what’s that telling you?
If you had more time to connect, train, and mentor while you were holding your parties, and you had more quality time for the things that really mattered in your personal life, how might that impact your business?

So, take a moment and reflect. What wealth building activities bring you the greatest income and fulfillment, and what wealth depleting activities are no longer worth your time? And most important, what will you do about it?

Joy and Success,

Steven Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.

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