The Empowering Leadership Style

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During my complimentary video you’ll learn what style of leader you really are and what you can do to evolve yourself to the empowering leadership style. I want to challenge you to practice the empowering leadership style over the next 30 days and have exhilarating conversations that leave others inspired and ready to take action!

As mentioned in the video, I have a complimentary program for leaders called, “Rev Up Your Group Sales Through Connection Calls.”  It’s a program on how to effectively reach out to your team members to connect, build relationships, evoke their what and why and then lead them to an activity or resource to explode their business. Click here to download this document as well as there are a few more bonuses there as well.

I have another challenge for you (am I pressing my luck?)… visit my Facebook page and share your takeaways from my training.  Each week we place everyone that shares their take-a-ways from my trainings in a drawing for lifeline products.  More importantly, you’re an inspiration of hope to other representatives who want to build their business.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you…

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.


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  • Thank you Steve for sharing…what an awesome style you have. With Simply You – MOXIE is always good, but I’m even more excited now knowing the Empowering Training we will receive with you & your program! Look forward to meeting you in July…Gretchen 🙂

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