I love life by my own GPS: Goals, Purpose and Systems.

JessiePitoI remember sitting in the audience at the Million Dollar Protégé Leadership Retreat a few years ago. I was awestruck by each speaker. I was amazed as they shared their growth personally and professionally. My business was definitely coasting and I knew I was ready to take my life and business to a new level. This is my second year through the Protégé Program. My first year I implemented every curriculum in the Million Dollar Protégé Program and my business exploded. The program impacted my business and life beyond my expectations so I decided to join the Elite Program last year.

This year has been a year of tremendous growth for me personally and professionally. Our group sales and recruiting has built serious momentum and my leader’s teams are growing consistently in outlying areas. I’ve become a master at fine tuning systems and creating extraordinary activities. I work smarter, leverage my time and have much more joy and fulfillment in all areas of my life. I’m soaring in every area of my life. My health is ideal and my relationships are meaningful. I feel so conscious about all my decisions and it’s almost as if I have an answer for everything coming my way. I’ve never felt so sure about myself, my life and who I am.

Jessie Pito, Elite Member
Attracting women and men who want to play life with the top 1%

Our team’s systems are coming into place, my life is STRESS FREE! My team has grown from 800 to 1200 in one year!

SusanToweryBefore the MDDP, I felt pulled in so many directions and was constantly questioning myself and comparing myself to others. Those days are over! Through my participation in the Protégé Program and coaching with Steve, I’ve learned to become an empowering leader in all aspects of my life. I no longer question myself because I’m crystal clear about my priorities, values and deepest intentions. I’ve empowered my leaders to take responsibility for their businesses and take part in facilitating group activities that support our entire team.

I’ve learned to leverage my company’s incentives through my own individual campaigns which I learned through the MDDP. My team sticks to activities that support our reps in getting tangible results. Most importantly, I focus on our mission of giving back. I’ve realized that contribution and empowering others brings me deep fulfillment. Success comes from how we really feel about ourselves. When we serve to our greatest capacity, success will find you. Through the Protégé Program I’ve learned how to honor all aspects of my life. What an incredible journey!

Susan Towery, Elite Member
Serving to my greatest capacity and empowering others to reach their greatest capacity

I was honored by my company as the top producer in group sales, personal sales and personal recruiting. More importantly, I am blessing others through my mission!

LisaGoossenI have become so passionate about every aspect of my life. I cannot wait to get up in the morning and leave my legacy in the world. I focus on God’s plan for my life. Over the last 10 months I have experienced greater vitality, peace and confidence. I used to say, “I have so much to do” because I wasn’t clear about my priorities and didn’t have any systems in place.

I’ve grown so much through the Protégé Program. I am now very clear about my priorities, how to organize my time and how focus on wealth building activities. By identifying my mission, leveraging my time and implementing Lifelines’ systems, our team is building momentum unlike ever before. In fact our team went from 400 reps to 495 reps in one month. What I love most about the Protégé Program is that it’s all inclusive. It supports my personal life, my personal business and my organization. I’ve learned how to balance by giving to myself so I can more fully give to others. Through coaching with Steve, I have become CRYSTAL clear about my purpose, values, and mission in the world.

Lisa Goossen, Diamond Member
Living by my faith and spreading it to everyone everywhere I go!


NikkiMershonJanuary 2012 my group sales were $61,000 and by January 2013 we grew to $112,000. My group continues to double month after month over last year!

I’m awestruck as to how my life has changed through my participation in Steve’s Million Dollar Protégé Program. My income has exploded, my life is more fulfilling and ironically I have more time for what really matters. I know deep down that what fulfills me is giving back in all areas of my life. It’s interesting what happens in our lives when we lead with mission. We have created a culture that supports one another and serves to our greatest capacity. Through the many curriculums in the Protégé Program our leadership team has created extraordinary events that leverage our time and supports our entire team.

My theme over the last year has been to model an extraordinary life in all aspects of my life. My personal business has grown and my organization has doubled, however, my time hasn’t doubled. It’s amazing how much more time I have to participate in life. The MDPP Program has changed how I think, act and live. This program is a must for leaders who are serious about growing to their full potential. You will learn how to develop a business model that develops consistent producers which also leverages their life, time and business.

Nikki Mershon, Elite Member
It’s a Beautiful Life!

Our team is on fire! I have built my MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR business model and mindset! Sales, Recruiting and Promotions are at the highest in my career! We’ve gone from 600 – 1,400 reps in a year.

CherieRodriguezIt’s been one amazing year. I have become more confident about my decisions and no longer question myself or my convictions. The “old me” was constantly seeking. NO MORE! I have become more authentic and transparent. I’ve discovered that others are attracted to that. I am building a purposeful business that reflects my mission and core values. My business has exploded; our recruiting numbers are off the charts. I am so awestruck by the numbers of leadership promotions on our team. I am experiencing more fulfillment and balance because I have learned to keep my eyes focused on what really matters.

Through the Protégé Program I discovered what truly drives me! My purpose is truly showing others how to live a life of truth, vitality and authenticity. Through implementing Lifeline’s curriculums, I’ve been able to create an EXTRAORDINARY business model and system for my team. It shows in our results! Through my partnership with Steve I’ve learned how to shorten my learning curve and mentor others to the top in lightening speed.

Cherie Rodriguez, Diamond Member
“You can’t dull your sparkle when it’s shining in someone’s eyes!”

Since I joined the Protégé Program my income has increased by 33%, my team has added 522 reps and our central organization has grown substantially.

MariekanStrachanIt was a huge decision for me to join the Protégé Program. Deep down I knew it was exactly what I needed; however as a single mother, assisting my parents financially and as an executive leader, I didn’t know where I would find the time to study the curriculums. What I now know is that the Protégé Program can be customized for your own personal situation. I’ve learned how to leverage my time and focus on the education that supports my personal and professional goals.

When I joined the Protégé Program my need was to build my central organization, so I reviewed the curriculum “Exploding Your Central Organization“. Six months later my central organization exploded. Our team’s business model is extraordinary. As a result of learning from the MDDP curriculums, we’ve implemented our Dream Weaver’s University, Basic Training Program, Stellar Success Nights and Opportunity Events and incorporated Facebook parties. My greatest achievement by far has been being present, especially with my son and family. I’m grateful for the Protégé Program and my coach, Jeannie Converse. I love the life I’ve created.

Mariekan Strachan, Platinum Plus Member
The richest part of life is being in the moment and enjoying each and every experience.

I joined Direct Sales to generate income for the “extras” in life … then one day I found myself with 5,000 consultants in my group! Although very grateful, I was challenged with serving my team and group and honoring my family.

DannetteKleinI joined Direct Sales so that I would have the freedom to raise my children according to our values and generate an income for the “extras” in life. Then one day found myself with over 5,000 consultants in my group. Although I am grateful for the blessing of having a large organization, it has been a challenge for me to serve my team and leaders while honoring my family. Through the Protégé Leadership Program, I have learned how to leverage my time and focus on wealth building activities that support our entire organization.

The Protégé curricula give you the blueprint on how to create a solid basic training program, opportunity events, mentoring program, leadership development courses and much more. I’m so excited about what we’ve created on our leadership team and it’s really just the beginning. Most importantly, I’ve shifted internally. I trust myself and no longer compare myself to other leaders. I focus on what really matters to me. I have become a stronger and confident leader. My coaching with Steve has been invaluable. Steve reminds me of my values and guides me to keep my mind anchored on the big picture.

Dannette Klein, Diamond Member
Empowering women to make choices that bring rich fulfillment

Our organization has gone from 1,240 reps to 1,970 reps in 10 months!

LindsayKahlMy life has never been better! I have a renewed spirit and confidence in my role as a leader. I truly know what I want and how I choose to lead our team. Our growth and momentum is mind boggling. In just 10 months, my team has grown to 1,970 representatives and 72 leaders. My core reason for building a business was to have freedom in my life. I’m experiencing greater fulfillment and balance with my family, health and business. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

The Million Dollar Protégé Program has evoked my gift in mentoring, strategy and teaching the teacher. I’m blown away over the growth of my leaders. The Protégé Curriculums have been the framework for fine tuning our systems. I have been able to create a culture of empowered, seasoned leaders who lead with mission and purpose. Investing in the Protégé Program has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. It has given me the framework to impact lives while living my rendition of an extraordinary life.

Lindsay Kahl, Platinum Plus Member
Living life to my greatest potential

Lifeline Coaching & Education has changed my life! What a blessing!

CarolBeucheminLast year I attended Lifeline’s Protégé Leadership Retreat in Vegas and realized that the Protégé Leadership Program would benefit my life in many ways. It’s been an amazing journey. I have grown as a person, leader and have greater clarity about what is most important to me in life. One of the eleven curriculums, “Choice Management” changed how I think, how I organize my life and how I take care of myself.

I have evolved so much since I joined the program. Professionally, my income has greatly increased, I’ve learned how to better coach my team and have learned how to leverage my time. I didn’t really have a clue how to lead my team effectively before the program. I have learned how to ask empowering questions and support my team members in finding their answers. I’ve also learned to detach from the outcome and focus on what’s in my realm of control; my thinking, my attitude and my choices. Steve Wiltshire and my coach Jeannie Converse have guided me through the process. I’m grateful to God that I was lead to the Lifeline team.

Carol Beauchemin, Platinum Member
Paying it forward one life at a time

My party attendance has increased, my sales have exploded and my recruiting increased 112% in just 4 months over last year!

BeckyWestThe Gold Protégé Program courses have been phenomenal! This is the best investment I have made in my business. The resources made available to Gold Members are amazing. I have utilized the Gold Program resources in both my personal business and coaching my team. In fact I have promoted to the next level of Leadership with my company. My fall sales were phenomenal. I broke both personal and team sales records. I have been chosen to speak at our National Conference because of my success! What an honor.

The Protégé Gold Program has also made a significant difference in my personal life. I am experiencing greater vitality in all aspects of my life; health, relationships, business and family. I am running my first 5K, 10K and half Marathon and have earned my company’s Leadership Trip this year. People are starting to notice the NEW me. Friends and family from all over are beginning to contact me and ask about my business. My kids think I am the best Mommy in the whole wide world; my greatest achievement of all! Thank you Steve and the Lifeline Team!! Your generosity and my coaching with Rama has produced extraordinary results for me and my team.

Becky West, Gold Member
Creating, experiencing and enriching lives, one hostess, customer and rep at a time!

I’ve promoted to the Director level with my company. My parties have tripled. The Gold Program has given me a renewed sense of confidence and joy!

LuanaFeitshansI truly have been blessed to have found the Protégé Gold Program. Through my participation in the Protégé Program I have transformed how I think, how I feel and the choices I make. The philosophy of the Protégé Program focuses on values and making empowering choices. Since I’ve been in the Program, I feel a renewed sense of confidence and joy. I’ve promoted to the Director level with my company. My parties have tripled. I am constantly increasing my goals, and feel confident mentoring my team on how to find their passion and attain their goals. This program has taught me how to leverage my time and duplicate my learning with my team members.

For the first time in my career, both my personal business and my organization are building serious momentum. My beliefs about what I offer have changed. I realize why I am attracting more opportunities and developing others. I now know what I have to offer is a “Gift” that will impact the lives of others and know I have what it takes to mentor them to make their dreams a reality. I am passionately sharing the business in a new way that engages others. Thank you Steve, for this life changing program!

Luana Feitshans, Gold Member
Giving my best and growing into my true potential

I feel confident, powerful and self-expressed! The Protégé Program has guided me step by step to evolve into a great leader.

ArgieNicholsBefore I started the Million Dollar Protégé Program, I always doubted my self-worth. The Protégé Program, coupled with the amazing Lifeline coaches, helped me discover my values, evolve my thinking and take action on my dreams. Now I can pass that confidence along to my wonderful team.

The Protégé Program has given me the tools on how to build my business and mentor my team, which has developed my confidence as a leader. I now feel assured with my decisions and know I have the knowledge to guide my team members to reach their goals. Through coaching with Jeannie Converse, I have become much more intentional and organized. I’m clear about where I am going and intentional about my priorities and schedule. What’s remarkable is that now I actually accomplish MORE work, yet still have more time left over for my family. Just as my coach, Jeannie, would say, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.”

Argie Nichols, Platinum Member
Living a life of esteem and paying it forward one person at a time!

Life is delicious! I feel more confident now than ever in my life and I’m attracting success in all areas of my life!

MarisaDoraI am officially a recovering YES-Girl. Woo hoo! The Protégé Gold Program was a leap of Faith for me and the return has been tenfold. The courses have supported me in all aspects of my business and even how I think and organize the most important roles of my life. The knowledge has renewed my confidence, which has brought greater results in all aspects of my life, personally and professionally. My average order and party sales have increased by 75%. Originally I had a great deal of skepticism going into the program, but I could write an entire essay on all the ways the Choice Management course has changed both my personal and professional life.

I have changed the way I approach my business and how I mentor and communicate with my team members. I am so comfortable in my own skin. I feel so empowered! It’s amazing how customers and new hostesses find me now. Can it get better than that? I am so grateful for the Protégé Gold Program.

Marisa Dora, Gold Member
Living life with passion, courage and joy!

I earned an award for “Top Leader Developer” in the Nation! It’s been one AMAZING journey!

KarylynnLyman“WOW!” The Protégé Gold Program has changed my life! I evolved, experienced tremendous success, and I had so much fun going through the program last year that I decided to do it a second time. I am amazed at what I’ve achieved, experienced and who I have become over the last year. I have achieved levels of success in my personal business I didn’t even realize were possible, but more importantly, I’m so proud of what my team has accomplished. Through evolving and building a strong, consistent personal business, I’ve been able to mentor and coach my consultants to do the same. The Protégé courses taught me proven success practices that I have mastered, and in return, have duplicated the success for my team.

The six courses have taught me how to effectively approach others, ask engaging questions and respond authentically. I feel I have the language to better help others, my children and even how I coach myself. I have grown so much the second time through the Program as a mom and as a person. The Gold Program has taught me to be a solution seeker. I am laser focused on my goals and it’s manifested in my income and achievements within my business.

Karylyn Lyman, Gold Member
When you change internally, your results will manifest externally!

I knew the Protégé Program would change the results of my business; however, I didn’t realize the change it would make within me!

CheryllGibsonThrough my participation in the Protégé Gold Program, I have learned the value of giving back to myself and focusing on my life, my choices and my dreams. I now believe that when I am happy and confident in myself that reflects onto others and empowers them to do the same.

The courses have given me the education and tools on how to approach others genuinely and create extraordinary experiences that light them up. That philosophy has shown up at my parties, hostess coaching and training new advisors. I feel so confident in what I offer and how I offer it.

The Protégé Gold Courses are amazing and easy to follow. Through my commitment to complete the courses and assignments, I have evolved my thinking and evoked my greatest attributes. I can honestly say that I learned who I am at my best and love who I have become. I’ve also become very comfortable communicating and sharing my success and instilling possibility in others’ lives. The Protégé Program has been an incredible gift!

Cheryll Gibson, Gold Member
Live the life you love and success will find you!

I have grown my team to 30 in just one year and earned my first incentive trip!

LisaBoutinI had tried Direct Sales twice before, but never fully reached my potential until I participated in the Protégé Gold Program. I am now approaching thirty members on my team. I have earned my first incentive trip and have grown my team to a place that I never dreamed possible.

The Gold Program has challenged me to commit to make changes in all areas of my life and always evolve myself. I am so passionate about my life that I want to gift my opportunity to others, and I enjoy knowing that I have learned how to approach others in a way that best serves them.

I am mastering the business and now feel like a professional, which has greatly increased my confidence and the value I offer others. Through the grace of God I have been able to help others see that in themselves. The Protégé Gold Program has given me the systems and tools to support others in reaching their goals and that their dream can become a reality.

Through this program and the mentoring of my sponsor, Carol, I am constantly reminded to enjoy my life and be in a place of constant joy. Steve, thank you for this life changing experience.

Lisa Boutin, Gold Member
Choosing Joy in each and every moment and paying it forward!

My personal business has exploded! The Protégé Program has supported me in making my dreams a reality!

RachelWilliamsFor the first time in my career I am getting 2-4 bookings at every party as well as new team members. The Protégé Gold Program has changed my whole approach to my personal business and how I mentor my team. I can’t begin to explain how the courses changed my thinking and beliefs. I truly know and own the blessings I have been gifted with.

Being a single mother, I found I was not managing my time effectively and every aspect of my life was suffering. Through my participation in the “Choice Management Course” I learned to shift my thinking, leverage my time and focus on priorities. I now get it all done by the end of the day without burning myself out.

I now have the systems and knowledge to make all my parties so fun that everyone wants to book with me, and guests often love the experience so much they join the company. The profits from my new found success have not only made my dreams come true, but the dreams of my children as well. We just recently completed an addition to our home and now all my children have their very own bedrooms. I also was able to purchase a new car so I don’t have to worry about breaking down on the way to a party. Currently we are working on our family dream vacation. Thank you so much Lifeline.

Rachel William, Gold Member
Is there anything less than extraordinary? Giving extraordinary in all aspects of my life!

The Million Dollar Protégé Program has given me so much: Love, Joy, Goodness, Faithfulness, Endurance, and Peace!

CathyHendricksPrior to becoming a direct sales representative I worked in Corporate America. The corporate work environment consisted of scare tactics, manipulation and bullying to get employees to do as their managers desired. For the most part, this was what I experienced before the direct sales industry. Through the Million Dollar Protégé Program I have learned how to be a leader of a volunteer workforce by living the “Fruits of the Spirit.” This way of being has brought me joy and I gift it to everyone who crosses my path.

Before the Protégé Program, the “Fruits of the Spirit” were a desire just outside my grasp. Lifeline opened my heart to receive the information that I needed to grow. Steve’s Protégé Program helped me with fundamental paradigm shifts that have greatly impacted my life. Now I know how to purposefully listen while asking the questions to help others discover their own answers within.

The Protégé Program gave me a “Life & Business Plan” that has successfully expanded my team through simple techniques and proper training. First and foremost, however, I know that nothing happens unless I am right with myself. Fortunately, thanks to the Million Dollar Protégé Program, I can proudly say that I am right with myself. Thank you, Steve, for taking me along this journey.

Cathy Hendricks, Platinum Member
Gifting my love, joy and faith to everyone in every moment

I have more focus, vitality and fun than ever before! I’ve learned to focus on what really matters and let go of the outcome.

DebUrbanOne of the best decisions I have made in my life was to attend the Million Dollar Protégé Leadership Retreat last year. I remember sitting in the audience listening to the members’ share how their lives and businesses had changed by joining the Protégé Leadership Program. I was at a crossroad in my life and knew deep down the greatest gift I could give myself was to join the Diamond level. Coaching with Steve is insightful and a blast. I have created greater quality time for my family. I’ve learned philosophy that naturally empowers others to take responsibility for their intentions by leading them to the resource or activity that will evolve their education. I then mentor them on what they discovered for themselves.

I’ve transitioned from a leader who was too direct to a leader who is empowering. I focus on how I make others feel with this learned leadership style, now I evoke the best in them and empower them to be their best. I’ve learned that “like attracts like”. I’ve focused on coaching and mentoring the willing. Most of the reps in my central organization are averaging $5,000 in sales their first 90 days in business. As a result of being a student of the MDDP, I now have a solid business model. The Protégé Program has been one of the greatest investments I have ever given to myself.

Debbie Urban, Diamond Member
Empowering others to believe in themselves and serve FULL OUT!

I am amazed how much I have changed over the last year. I have become the leader God intended me to be.

CyndiJacksonThrough prayer and faith I was led to Steve Wiltshire’s Million Dollar Protégé Program. I have evolved in all aspects of my life. When I began the Protégé Program I felt my financial circumstances were hopeless. The debt we had acquired through our personal circumstances had spiraled out of control. Steve’s program revolves around faith, mission and vision while applying practical application. Through the Program I developed a business plan that has substantially grown my business. In fact I was only one of eight winners to earn a top level incentive travel trip while working fulltime. I live a very demanding life and am amazed what I learned about leverage and what I am able to accomplish in a day. My confidence has increased greatly through understanding my spiritual gifts, living by my mission and implementing a business model that has become the blueprint for my team to follow. My Platinum Coach Rama Yaffe has been instrumental in evoking the best in me and coaching me on my priorities. My relationship with God, my husband and children is exceptional. Lifeline has been my LIFELINE in propelling my life and business to the next level. “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” (Add bible verse)

Cyndi Jackson, Elite Member
The best is yet to come

Our team has promoted 8 leaders in 3 months! My personal recruiting and central organization continues to grow by leaps and bounds!

LisaRaulieThrough the Protégé Program and coaching with Steve I’ve created greater balance in my life, become much more focused and put my health on the top of my list. I have become super focused on my greatest objectives in all aspects of my life; self, mom, personal business, leadership and administration.

I’ve developed attributes and a way of thinking that continues to bring out the best in me. My measuring stick is vitality. I now know how to empower my team. I now stop and ask myself, “How will I empower them?” Our business model is extraordinary. We consistently offer extraordinary monthly events, new advisor training and opportunity events. As an active mother of three children, it’s important that I put my family first. Through Steve’s Choice Management Curriculum I’ve created an ideal schedule that honors my family and my business. Thank you Lifeline for the Protégé Program. It’s been life changing!

Lisa Raulie, Diamond Member
Mentoring women how to achieve anything their heart desires!

The Protégé Program was an answer to Prayer

DebbyTarrhThrough my participation in the Million Dollar Protégé Program I have been revived and highly motivated to reach my greatest capacity as a leader. I am living life on purpose and am crystal clear about my mission. I love impacting the lives of the advisors on our team. We’ve created a culture among our advisors who want to help one another. One of my greatest accomplishments this year has been letting go of the outcome and enjoying my life to the fullest. I’ve learned to let go, enjoy the moment and create memories.

My partnership with Steve has been a blessing. We have created a synergy together that has elevated my passion, purpose and vitality. Our leadership culture has a connection unlike ever before. Ironically, I’ve realized my leaders don’t need me as much anymore and it’s a good thing. Our leaders are independent. We have created extraordinary systems through MDDP to support the entire team. We have implemented duplicable systems, extraordinary activities and our Jewel School 101 Celebration has made a huge impact with our representatives. Most importantly I’m lead by God and focus on seeing the best in everyone. The Lifeline team has cutting edge programs and support for leaders who desire to transform themselves while impacting lives through the Direct Sales Industry.

Debby Tarrh, Elite Member
Guiding everyone to create their ideal Cinderella life!

My team is blazing new paths and celebrating the success of our consultants! Our team has gone from 1,100 to 1,600 in less than a year

BethReedI am more empowered than ever before. For the first time in my life, I’ve learned to look inside myself for my answers. I no longer compare myself to others. I’m following my own path and trusting myself every step of the way. I have discovered my passion, core values and what truly drives me. Through the Protégé Program and especially the Choice Management Curriculum I’ve become far more conscious about my time and priorities. I schedule time for work and time for my personal life. This has been HUGE for me.

I am amazed at what I accomplish during my office hours and when I am not working I can lay by the pool, hang out with my kids or go shopping GUILT FREE! Steve’s Mentoring Curriculum and coaching with Rama Yaffe has taught me how I leverage my time and communicate with my team. I now focus on what and why my representatives want, then lead them to a resource or activity that gives them more self-confidence. I run my business like a well-oiled machine. The MDDP has taught me how to develop activities that are fun, creative and engages others to participate. I LOVE WATCHING OUR CONSULTANTS GROW AND CELEBRATING THEIR SUCCESS. It’s amazing how much I have grown. I’m more able to stay in the moment, focus on priorities, implement solid systems and coach my team members in groups.

Beth Reed, Platinum Plus Member
Champion everyone that crosses my path to play the game of excellence

As a mother of five children, I am able to get more accomplished in less time by learning the art of leverage!

KathleenLawsonWhen I was introduced to the Million Dollar Protégé Program I knew it was my answer. Steve’s philosophy and teachings resonate strongly with me. I’ve evolved so much over the last year. I’m much more in tune with my values, what drains me and I’ve learned to make decisions that have me feel empowered. My greatest change is that I am fully detached from the outcome and I’ve learned the art of leverage. I get more accomplished in less time. As a mother of five children this has created greater balance and fulfillment in my life. I am in a mastermind group with four other leaders in the Protégé Program and we’ve created systems that have been impactful for my team;(Opportunity events on Facebook, New consultant training, Leadership courses, Success events). I have become well versed as a mentor and use the Protégé Curriculums to empower our leaders. My team is building serious momentum because of our philosophy, business model and best practices.

Kathleen Lawson, Elite Member
Evolving myself and others through higher awareness

I have created a recession proof business model that reflects my purpose and passion to guide others how to live a life of freedom and abundance!

TaraLocklearThrough the Million Dollar Protégé Program and coaching with Steve I’ve become aware of what brings me fulfillment, personally and professionally. My greatest fulfillment comes from evoking our team members’ greatest attributes and talents. Steve’s Mentoring Program has supported me in becoming a better coach and mentor. In fact all of our leaders have learned how to better serve their team members. The Protégé curriculum transcriptions have been priceless in supporting our leaders on how to become greater mentors and refine our activities. As a leader of a large organization my greatest intent is to provide my team with the systems, resources and tools that empower them to create a thriving business and extraordinary life. I’ve created exceptional campaigns, a stellar training program and have designed a solid business plan for 2013. I’ve become more aware of what truly brings me passion and how to exercise my greatest talents as a leader and in the world at large.

Tara Locklear, Diamond Member
Leading others to live a life of freedom and faith

I am crystal clear about what I want and know where I am going.

JenniferAndersenThrough applying the principles and curriculums of the Protégé Program I have become clearer about what I want professionally and how to lead my team. My values have been reinforced through my participation in the program. I have made better choices that reflect what’s really important to me. I’ve learned to create business boundaries that support me and my family. I have created greater systems and activities for our team. Our New Consultant Training Program has made a powerful impact on our team.

Jennifer Anderson, Platinum Member
Leading others to live by their core values and make ABUNDANCE a reality

I went from being overwhelmed, exhausted and ineffective to an EMPOWERING LEADER with a thriving team!

SamanthaSchiessBefore joining the Protégé Program I was floundering; both in my business and personal life. I was mixed up, frustrated and felt walked on by my family, peers and my upline. I wasn’t having success recruiting and developing team members.

EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE I JOINED THE PROTÉGÉ PROGRAM! My recruiting has exploded and not a single recruit has quit on my team in the last year. Not only do my recruits look up to me, so does my upline. In fact, the top leader in the company is asking me how I am achieving so much success. I can’t begin to count how many ways this program has helped me and everyone I influence. The Program has empowered me to evolve my thinking and has given me a solid roadmap on how to build my empire. Working with my coach Jeannie Converse has given me the platform to customize a plan for my life and business.

Samantha Schiess, Platinum Member
Dreaming to succeed by helping others build a life only few dare to even dream of

I was one of 17 leaders in my company to earn one of the highest honors of recognition through my company!

BeckyRillLast year I had the opportunity to take part in a Business Evaluation Session with Steve Wiltshire. Through that experience I became cognizant of the changes I wanted to make in my business. I was invited to attend the Million Dollar Protégé Leadership Retreat and knew it was the right decision and the right time. After attending the Protégé Leadership Retreat I decided to join the Platinum Level in the Protégé Leadership Program. I was a catalyst for leading several other leaders to join the Protégé Leadership Program and we formed a mastermind group to leverage our time and implement the curriculums into our businesses.

Through my participation in the program I’ve become an empowering leader who focuses on each individual team members’ intention and then I lead them to the resource and empower them to take action. Our mastermind group has created several amazing activities and campaigns that have supported each of our teams. My reps have been very impressed with all the changes I have made and it keeps getting better and better.

Becky Rill, Platinum Member
Empowering others to raise the bar and step into their greatness!

Lifeline Coaching is a catalyst for change and education in this industry; The Million Dollar Protégé Program helped me create a good mentoring program for new leaders!

CarolKuhnThe secret to success in this business is being able to inspire and create new leaders for one’s team. The Million Dollar Protégé Program helped me do just that! Steve’s Mastermind Groups have changed my team’s culture and will produce long-term consistent results. Thank you so much for Lifeline’s insight, wisdom, faith and support of the direct sales industry.

During my experience with Lifeline, one of the most valued lessons that I have learned through this program is to believe in the Law of Attraction: We become what we think, say and do. I will continue to recommend this program to many people!

Carol Kuhn, Platinum Member
Attracting my ideal life through my thinking, beliefs and choices!

I feel so uplifted! Lifeline has changed my framework; I’m ready for exponential growth!

PaigeVanLentenBefore I started the Million Dollar Protégé Program, my perspective on life was completely different; things never seemed to fall properly into place. After taking the Choice Management Curriculum, I choose where my time will be spent, while accepting life’s challenges with a smile. My priorities in my business are now in their appropriate place.

Further, I have learned how to be a leader! Being a leader is not just about being a cheerleader. Before the Protégé Program, I was always such a hand-holder! Now, I point my team toward excellent training, which allows them to grow and flourish. Since the Protégé Program, I have earned my fifth incentive trip in a row, promoted several unit leaders, while having my team in the Top 20 teams for recruiting!

Paige VanLenten, Platinum Plus Member
I’ve taken control of my life, time and business!

My override has increased 40% from last year. Having a Coach keeps me on my toes! The Protégé Program has been life changing!

RayleneBefore becoming a Million Dollar Protégé Program member, I was a lazy successful person; I would let the chips fall where they may. Now, I am so much more intentional about my business. I actually follow up with clients and do hostess coaching. Just these little details have helped my team double! By being trained as a leader, I learned how to train new leaders for my team, which will have positive repercussions throughout my career.

My coach, Jeannie Converse, taught me that I could personalize my goals for myself. By making my goals more manageable, I have been able to successfully achieve them. Consequently, the motivation from these successes inspired me to constantly raise the bar. As a result, my team’s override has gone up over 40% from last year. Not only have I reached my goals, I have surpassed them! I am so excited to watch my business blossom!

Raylene Taskoski, Platinum Plus Member
My life has become intentional, fulfilling and my business is ROCKIN!

I am forever changed because of the Million Dollar Protégé Program! The New Approach to Leadership Curriculum spurred growth for me internally that has made me a better leader!

SimeonSponslerThe Million Dollar Protégé Program created the best rendition of myself as a leader, but more importantly, as a person. After taking my favorite curriculum, “The New Approach to Leadership,” I have learned to communicate with my team and even my family. I used to be the cheerleader personality, always trying to give my team the answers or do the work for them. Now, I have learned to listen and help my team learn to find the answers themselves.

My biggest change from the Million Dollar Protégé Program is that I am now an empowering leader who always leads by example. Before the Protégé Program, my personal business was lacking because I always tried to build my team’s business. My coach, Jeannie, taught me to mentor instead of micromanage. Now, my personal business comes first so that I can lead by example. Thank you so much Lifeline for giving me the confidence in my ability as a leader!

Simeon Sponsler, Platinum Plus Member
Empowering others to find their answers within