063 – Interview with Tai Street

By February 8, 2016February 11th, 2016Leadership, Leadership Lifeline
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About Tai

Faith and guidance from the Holy Spirit has led Tai Street to opportunities that have changed her life from struggling to empowering women with the fact that anything they want in life is possible through self evolution.

Tai remembers the day she took action with her Direct Sales opportunity. She was in prayer, ironing clothes and all the sudden a memory came into her mind. Tai had a credit card set aside with $1,000.00 for emergencies only and Tai took a leap of faith, ordered the most expensive kit and all the hosts of heaven opened the portal of opportunity.

Tai Street has been with her company for 7 and a half years, is a Platinum Executive Director & National Trainer who has opened up three major markets for her company. She has just about earned every award possible for sales, recruiting, leadership and numerous all expense paid trips.

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