016 – Interview with Steve Taubman

By January 5, 2015February 21st, 2015Leadership, Leadership Lifeline
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About Steve

Dr. Steve’s varied and unusual background has earned him the accolade ‘Renaissance Man.’ He’s gained success as a physician, entertainer, trainer, and author of the #1 Amazon.com self-help bestseller, UnHypnosis, in which he teaches individuals to reinvent their lives.

Steve’s passion for network marketers and sales professionals with their emphasis on personal growth, inspired him to develop the powerful presentations he now brings to progressive organizations worldwide.

His excitement, motivation, and enthusiasm have earned him fans around the globe while his entertaining programs continue to impact young and old alike; helping them clarify and achieve their dreams. Steve’s belief is that everyone has a gift waiting to be discovered and waiting to be unleashed and it is his mission to help people find and listen to their inner calling.

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