Explode your business in just 90 days!

Create your OWN ‘Strong Economy’ by having Success Trainer, Master Coach & Author
Steve Q. Wiltshire come to your local community

Lifeline’s Seminar Partner Program Makes the Process Easy!

Live Seminar Services Include:

  • Leadership Teleseminar: (5-6 weeks prior to your seminar) “How to Explode Your Group Sales through Connection Calls,” Invite your leaders to an exclusive complimentary leadership teleseminar on how to explode their group sales through connection calls.  During this exclusive teleseminar for your leaders, Steve will share his success secrets that will rev up your leaders group sales through the magic of enrollment, mentoring and his step-by-step system in team development.

Seminar Curriculum

Steve will consult with you about your business objectives, vision and the needs of your representatives. Together you will identify the ideal training topics for your seminar. Steve will customize your curriculum exclusively for your culture, product and programs.
Your seminar includes up to 4 hours of training specifically for your representatives and up to 3 hours of training specifically designed for your leaders.

  • Lifeline Coaching & Education will create web pages for both tele-seminars and your live seminar for you to forward to your invited consultants
  • Lifeline Coaching & Education will handle all registration
  • Consultant and Leadership Curriculum – $57 All Day
  • Consultant Curriculum only. $47 Half Day
  • Leadership Curriculum only. -$47 Half Day
  • Minimum registration of 50 participants.
  • Lifeline Coaching & Education absorbs all expenses including seminar room rental, lodging and airfare.
  • Seminar Partner(s) will earn product incentives for attendance over 100. Click here to download the Seminar Preparation Guide.

Convention Leadership Conference & Seminar Services
Steve Q. Wiltshire speaks to selective companies and organizations based on:

  • Availability
  • Common Values
  • System Compatibility &
  • Topic Interests

Convention & Leadership Conference Services
Lifeline Coaching & Education offers keynote messages and breakout sessions for Direct Sales Companies that EXPECT tangible results.


Million Dollar Producers
Consistent Recruiters
Business Builders
Consistent Personal Sales Producers
New Promoted Leaders

Whatever topic you choose, Steve Q. Wiltshire will deliver a commanding performance! Steve will shift the mindset of the members of your organization through their realization of vision, values and identifying the activities, principles and practices that create real life results.

Convention or Leadership Conference Services Include:

  • Complimentary Teleseminar: “Your Blueprint to Fill Up Your Calendar” This teleseminar will ensure that your consultants attend convention with parties on their calendar. Steve will share a campaign incentive contest that will ensure a higher attendance at your Convention as well as hundreds of added parties before your Convention begins!
  • Keynote or Breakout Sessions

Steve will consult with you about your company’s objectives, vision and the needs of your representatives. Together, we will identify the ideal training topics or keynote message for your Convention or Leadership Conference. Steve will customize your message exclusively for your culture, products and programs! Lifeline will provide you with a proposal after your consultation.

To schedule an appointment with Steve Wiltshire, contact George Bartosh, Director of Corporate Development via email or call 360-718-8550.