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What are Direct Sales Professionals saying about Steve’s coaching, training, and speaking?

My organization is filled with amazing women from around the country and through the MDPP I have learned how to bring them together, making each of us stronger! My personal and business life have been transformed!

Coaching with Steve has changed my life. The program has greatly impacted my business, but more importantly, it’s impacted every role in my life as a leader, mother, wife and friend. I know my mission personally and professionally.

I have a national team so I wanted a business model that supported my team nationally. I now have duplicable systems and activities for my leaders and their organizations. My vision for the next year is clear and I’ve created that strategic business plan through the MDPP.

My greatest accomplishment from working with Steve is my ability to stay focused. I focus on making a difference by creating extraordinary activities & events, teaching my leaders to do the same and then detaching from the results. It’s a powerful formula!

Gail Root, Diamond Member
I love my LIFE, love my BUSINESS and am paying it forward EVERYWHERE I go!

In 10 months I’ve developed 2 NEW leaders (and a third one on the way), I’ve developed an independent culture and have a business model that allows me more time.

When Steve interviewed me about the program I was doing a lot of traveling and realized that I had developed confident reps and leaders that were running the show. Everyone is benefiting. I giggled through the entire interview. I never
considered myself to be enabling, but I did realize how much I was taking on and through the process, I wasn’t empowering others.

My home now runs like a well-oiled machine and so does my business. My team resource library is amazing. I have resources whether my team needs to fill up their calendar, diminish their cancelations, increase their sales, create an extraordinary party experience or learn how to share their business opportunity. I now plan six weeks in advance and
life is smooth.

Jennifer Darr, Platinum Member
Empowering others to go beyond, reach their capacity and own their VISION!

I’m learning what drives me, what I value and I have STEPPED up my game Steve’s program has forced me to look within myself for what I really want out of life and to use that as an asset to drive my business.

Through the Million Dollar Protégé Program I’ve created amazing programs that have inspired my leaders to step up their game. My greatest accomplishments have been implementing amazing opportunity events and new rep training events. Through coaching I’ve discovered my passion and how to use that strength to find my special niche in the marketplace.

Michelle Haider, Platinum Member
Living the magic each and every moment!