076 – Interview with Sonya Eckel

By July 20, 2016July 21st, 2016Leadership, Leadership Lifeline
Sonya Eckel for The Leadership Lifeline
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About Sonya

Isn’t it interesting how one choice can change your destiny forever? My guest Sonya Eckel didn’t really host or go to home parties and didn’t understand the incredible power of the Direct Sales industry, until she attended a Norwex party 7 years ago. The rest is history.

She led her team to highest level in the Norwex career plan. Sonya’s team was the first to promote to the Senior Director level and then to promote to the Executive Vice President Level. Both achievements she credits to the amazing group of leaders she feels so blessed to partner with.

Sonya, is empowering, inspirational, joyful and is led by her faith. Sonya’s greatest joy is her four amazing sons. It’s time to dive into our interview with Sonya Eckel. Welcome Sonya to The Leadership Lifeline Online Radio.

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