Sharing Your Opportunity–WITHOUT Sounding Like a Telemarketer

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“How to Share your Business in the Marketplace
without Feeling like a Telemarketer”

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Do you ever meet someone in the market place who you want to share your business opportunity with but it feels odd, or you feel as if it might not be well received?  You’re probably right!  Honestly, some network marketers are quite awful.  I’ve been on airplanes, at gyms, and group environments where I’ve been smiling at them, nodding my head, but feeling like I can’t breathe.

It’s similar to someone thinking you’re attracted to them and you’re thinking, “What’s wrong with this picture?  Don’t you get I’m not interested.  Do I really have to spell it out to you?” It may sound harsh but it’s entirely accurate.

Attraction just is.  What’s that mean? Most of us don’t know why were attracted to something, we just feel good.  It’s not as if we’re even thinking about it in the moment, we just know that we feel good about someone or something, and we are gravitated to who they are or how they’re responding to us.

I have clients who have recruited as many reps outside of their parties as they have at their parties.  How did they do it? First they learned how to BE in the market place, and during my recording, I’m going to describe the attributes and characteristics you’ll want to develop that will attract others to you.  Second, they’re clear about the lead-lines and lead questions that have others feeling validated and attracted to them.   Third, they have developed a system and a tool, an impressive tool, I must add, that creates career interest.

It’s all on the recording.  I’ll give you every detail.

Last, my clients who are recruiting 12, 15 or even 20 reps a year have identified environments and activities that allow them to serve, connect, and share their business opportunity.  Here’s your focus…place yourself in environments that allow you to enjoy more of life and share what you have to offer.

  • Entertain your friends and neighbors
  • Organizations
  • Involve yourself with the coaches of your children’s sports
  • Support your teacher with school activities
  • Happy hour, lunch, dinner with friends, or a little shopping

Joy and Success,

Steven Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.

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