062 – Interview with Robin Brooke

By February 4, 2016Leadership, Leadership Lifeline
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About Robin

Robin Brooke has devoted her life to her husband Paul and their four children. Robin is all about family and what she really wanted deep down was a career that honored her core values. Isn’t it interesting that sometimes adversity is disguised as a life changing opportunity?

Robin’s corporate company experienced a huge layoff and her husband’s business changed radically in the health and insurance industry. They then had to move from their home in to a temporary living arrangement. Even during these difficult times, Robin chose to find the good and focus on gratitude. Through continuing faith and attracting the ideal opportunity she noticed a post from her high school friend on Facebook which interested her. She decided to take action.

Robin Brooke now holds the prestigious titles of Executive Director & Presidential Founder within her Direct Sales Company with over 1,000 consultants in her organization! Robin is passionate about serving her team to her greatest capacity and has a deep appreciation for the relationships she has developed within her organization. Allow me to introduce Robin Brooke!

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
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