Post Convention Tip: Launching Your New Product Line (without sounding like a tele-marketer!)

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Complimentary recording:
‘How to launch your new line without sounding like a telemarketer’

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Are you just getting back from your company’s convention? I know you’re excited and you really want to share your new line with all of your friends, previous hostesses, and previous guests; but it’s important to approach them in a way that makes it about them and not about you.

The truth is no one really gets excited about buying anything that’s not in their current consciousness.  Meaning, unless it’s been on their mind to purchase that ‘something’, whatever that ‘something’ is, it doesn’t hold any value.  That’s where you come in… discovering how you’re going to connect and create an environment that will engage their interest in purchasing your product, hosting a party, or seeking info about your career opportunity.  Approach is EVERYTHING!

I’ve been studying this principle forever: “The value we offer is always determined by the other person.” Whether you’re excited to ask others to host a party or purchase your product, your objective is to find a way to make it about them.  During my recording I’m going to give you four tips on “How to Launch Your New Line.” I also realized as I was creating my tip of the week that my previous recording “10 Bookings in 10 Days” was ideal for those of you that are ready to launch your new line and fill up your August calendar.  I’ve included that recording as well:

Complimentary recording:
“10 Bookings in 10 Days”

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