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Do you plan your week and shoot from the hip? Do you create by osmosis or design?

Quote 'Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today'Last year I received a quote from Abraham Hicks that rocked my world: “A bunch of weak people, even in numbers, aren’t strong. Get a whole bunch of confused people together and see how much clarity comes out of it. In other words, you just can’t add one more confused person to the pot, and expect to get any more clarity… One—standing outside of the confused group—who is clear, is more powerful than a million who are confused.”

Think of what happens when we feel powerless.  We feel diminished.  We feel overwhelmed, negative, confused, victimized, and or frustrated.  What makes us feel empowered? Clarity, empowered choices and being of integrity with our core values.

Your challenge this week is to always plan your day the night before.  If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there, meaning circumstances will decide for you.  When you’re clear about your plan, you can work the plan effectively without doubt!

If you and I were to have a conversation right now and I asked you exactly what you wanted to accomplish tomorrow and where you intended spending your time, could you give me a precise answer?

Always plan your entire day the evening or day before, no exceptions.  When you do, you go to sleep with peace knowing exactly what your plan is for the following day, and your subconscious mind supports you in preparing and strategizing. Try planning one day in advance for twenty-one days.

Ask yourself the following five questions the night before and the fifth question immediately in the morning.

  •  “What fixed appointments do I have scheduled within the next 48 hours and what do I need to complete or prepare for?”
  • “What am I committed to accomplish before the end of the day?”
  • “What will I do or complete tomorrow if time allows?”
  • “Who will I attempt to connect with tomorrow and what is my intent during the conversation?”
  • “What attributes will I focus on throughout the day?

Make a decision right now that you WILL power it up.  Stop living in confusion.  Remember… “One – standing outside of the confused group– who is clear, is more powerful than a million who are confused.” You deserve it, your family deserves it and your organization deserves it.  Be the example!

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What’s your choice?

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education,

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