How mentors have changed my life!

I just left my acupuncturist and he graciously said, “You’re the healthiest fifty-one year old man I know Steve.” I replied, “Thank God for my mentors.”  This very minute I am at Starbucks writing my blog and then I’ll join my nutritionist for a fun night of learning all sorts of healthy meals for my family, especially for my vegan son.

Do you have a Success Team?

A Success Team are the people you surround yourself with that mentor you in the areas of your life that matter to you. I have a Fitness Coach, Business Coach, Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Assistant, Webmaster, Faith Coach and the list goes on and on. In fact this picture is my Faith Coach, Georgette Starr.

I even have my favorite bartender that makes my favorite beverage and waitress at my favorite restaurant. I want YOU to have a thriving life and it’s so important for you to surround yourself with a Success Team. People who evoke the best in you, respect you, support you and make you feel good.

One of my favorite words is vitality.

When you have vitality, people are attracted to you and if you want to amplify your vitality surround yourself with a Success Team. Sometimes it’s a service you pay for, sometimes it’s an even exchange of value and sometimes it’s an act of service from another that is bestowing a blessing upon us.

A client and truly now a good friend, Lisa sent me this text yesterday. “I have told you this before and I mean it with all my heart. I don’t think anyone has helped me figure myself out and/or gets me to my core and understands my soul like you. Others have loved me but you get me. I am grateful.”  

I love coaching and mentoring others how to create a life and business they love.  In fact if it wasn’t for my coach, Georgette Starr, I don’t know if I would be writing this blog, coaching, training and have my very own leadership podcast.

She pulled this vision out of me 19 years ago and HERE I AM! I have partnered with many business coaches like Ali Brown, Lisa Sasevich, Jane Deuber, Patti Keating and Russell Brunson. All have been an amazing blessing! Who’s your Success Team? Take time, pour your favorite beverage and contemplate the people around you that you will claim as your Success Team.

Have you ever partnered with a coach?

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Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

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