082 – Interview with Lindsey Ganter

Lindsey Ganter for The Leadership Lifeline
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About Lindsey

I am a true believer that our adversities become our gifts, and one of our life contracts is to get through our challenges and empower others with similar challenges to do the same.

My guest, Lindsey Ganter, and I have had several conversations. It was this amazing connection from the beginning–she is so fun! Lindsay has created quite an amazing life and gives it her all as a spouse, mom and leader who is passionate about empowering women to create a life they love!

Lindsey has been with Younique for 3 years and has promoted to the executive level of Purple Status. Believe me, it’s just the beginning for her. Lindsey hit the ground running, double promoted her first month, double promoted her 2nd month, then promoted again her 3rd month. Lindsey is passionate, focused, driven and one amazing connector.

You will be inspired by this amazing interview with my guest, Lindsey Ganter.

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  • Tracy Tavares says:

    Thank you Lindsey, you are such an amazing and inspiring women. I truly look up to you, you are an incredible leader! So glad to have met you through Younique. hugs oxoxoxo

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