Last Minute Holiday Sales “Cash & Carry”

If you want a super simple way to generate last minute holiday sales, here it is!

Engage the people you know in your local community, and come up with a reason to connect and provide opportunities for last minute shoppers.  I will tell you that I’d be one of those friends, acquaintances or customers that would accept your invitation.  Yes I wait to the last minute! Don’t rub it in, LOL!

Unless you’re new in the business, you most likely have several items in stock, a decent amount of product you show at your events and parties and you’ve probably earn a bunch of free shopping for side orders you taken from Thanksgiving to the last day of your ensured Christmas delivery cutoff date.

I want to coach and train you how to have fun connecting with some of your favorite, hostesses, previous guests, neighbors and your kid’s friend’s moms.


Step One: Schedule a few evenings the week before Christmas for an open house.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it that but I want to give you a visual–I would make it more personal.  Meaning, schedule a few nights where you have all your items on your dining room table, your home is decorated for the holidays, holiday music playing in the background and you have holiday goodies and beverages.

I want you to leverage this as a last minute idea and start reaching out to others before your event. It doesn’t really matter how many come by, even though that’s Plan A, because what you really want is to wish the key people in your circle of influence, previous hostesses and guests a happy holiday, a special invitation to drop by and have a holiday beverage and have a conversation with them to see if you can support them with any last minute holiday shopping.

Step Two: Create a list of items you have available for sale and any special pricing.  Obviously the best choice would be a link leading them to a landing page with pictures, special pricing and the savings amount.  If you have a webpage you can eliminate the items as they are sold. Last resort, create a flier with the items you have available.

Step three: Create your “Who do I want to invite to my Holiday open house party” invitation list! What I love about this idea is that it intentionally sets you up to connect with some of the people you rarely get to see or customers and hostesses who have supported your business. Regardless if they purchase or attend your open house, you have the pure pleasure of wishing them a memorable holiday even if it’s on their voicemail.  Remember it’s about cultivating relationships and a future funnel of business opportunities.

Step four: Write out a special message on a holiday card for everyone that you’re inviting to your open house.  Remember we’re not calling it that.  I’ll explain that in a moment.

Step five: Outline your voicemail invitation. Something like this, “Hi Deborah, its Steve Wiltshire. Happy Holidays! I wanted to know if you’re available next Tuesday or Thursday night? I have a holiday card for you and I’d love to invite you over for a holiday beverage. Also I’ve had several of my friend’s reach out to me about last minute holiday gifts, so I decided to discount everything I have in stock, gift wrap it and provide holiday cards for everyone. I’d love to see you regardless if your holiday shopping is already completed. Drop by any time after 6 pm next Tuesday or Thursday. If you can’t make it, give me a call so I can wish you a happy holiday and mail your card.”

Step six: The conversation! It’s simple, invite everyone you talk to or calls you back over for a holiday beverage and a holiday snack, wish them a happy holiday and connect. If they can’t attend, ask them “Do you want to know what I have available for last minute Christmas presents?” If they say yes, email them your flier or a link to your site and serve them.  You might have to mail their item, drop it by their home or meet them somewhere depending on when you have your event.

Most importantly offer to host a New Year “Friend’s Night Out” party. Don’t ask, tell! “Janie, how about getting a few of your favorite friends together for a New Year Wine and Cheese Party or Mexican Fiesta? We have some amazing host benefits! What do you think?”

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