Interview with Laurie Girardi

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It’s rare that you meet someone with whom you connect quickly and deeply in a way that you feel like you truly “get” who they are and what their purpose is in the grand scheme of things. Laurie is one of those people.

I’ve invited her into our community to share what she’s just launched because I see how valuable it will be to the future of your business. I also know that Laurie has a servant’s mindset and believes in the value of the work you do in the world.

Laurie understands what it takes to build a six figure business in the field as well as build a start-up to a $25M company quickly. She also understands the way the industry has changed over the past decade or so in terms of technology, and she knows exactly what you need to be doing now to make sure you’re ready now and into the future. She put her consulting business on hold for a long time to make herself her #1 client so that she could build a solution for the growing digital needs of an entire industry.

Her company’s new platform is poised to be a game-changer for consultants and leaders, and we want to share it with you first.

We’ll spend a good 45 minutes or so talking with Laurie about the National Direct Selling Registry™ and the reasons why she has dedicated the past 4 years building this powerful new platform for you. The National Direct Selling Registry™ is a global business registry, directory and blogging platform. At first glance, you may not realize how important those three things are in your business, but they’re essentials as we become more digital in a relationship world. Laurie makes hard technology easy, and believes that YOUR unique gifts are more valuable to your business than ever before. Her platform gives you a place to share your story, your passions, your ideas — and drive business back to you.

We’re excited to share Laurie Girardi and the National Direct Selling Registry™ with you and your teams!

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