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Most people focus on responsibility and try to be disciplined and really want to be disciplined but deep down they’re disappointed and frustrated because they don’t like their life. The truth is they don’t feel valuable and they choose that.

If you don’t give yourself value, neither will anyone else.

When you’re vibrating at a lower frequency you attract a lower frequency. Life gives you what you believe. Come on, what kind of extraordinary opportunities will you attract in that state of mind? Nothing spectacular! When you make empowering choices, you feel fulfilled and when you’re fulfilled you radiate this self expressed aliveness and others want a part of that.

Fast forward your life to 90 days in the future.

What if your life was ideal or had greatly improved. You’re different! You’re experiencing a sense of peace. You feel empowered and focused and it’s showing up in your results. What do you suppose you might have accomplished? What do you suppose you experienced? Download my complimentary program on Increase your vitality, Increase Your Income.

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
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