How to engage your guests to host, seek information about your opportunity and…

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…be a customer for LIFE!

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Have you ever watched a commercial that made you laugh, mesmerized you, or engaged you to want to purchase a product? Most of you would probably respond by saying, “not really,” or “I don’t really watch commercials.” Well, statistics prove that great commercials generate extraordinary results. Why? Could it be that the commercial was so well constructed that it sent a subliminal message to the viewer, which made them take action on buying the product? We know that advertisements don’t only show up on TV, they’re all over the web, and different ways of advertising get different results.

I have clients who have gone from average months to consistent $10,000 months, and when they achieve those results, I ask them how they did that. Inevitably, they reply, “My commercials are engaging, fun, light and spacious, and engage my guests to want to know more!”

Do you plant seeds at your party? Do you have commercials or scoops where you share the most important information about what you want to attract?

During my recording, I’m going to show you how to engage your guests by weaving extraordinary scoops / commercials into the fabric of you party experience. Imagine more bookings, more interest in your business opportunity, and customers for life. It’s all in the recording.

Joy and Success,

Steven Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.

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