Holiday Tips to Sell From Your Seat & Not Your Feet

The holidays are fast approaching, and the fact is you face a lot of competition with holiday parties, holiday shopping, holiday school events, decorating, etc., and average just isn’t cutting it anymore!  When you put out average, average circulates back to you in low sales, lack of interest and cancellations.

The answer is to offer extraordinary experiences, extraordinary services, unique offers and a follow up plan that guarantees huge results. That’s the bottom line.

Here’s a few holiday tips to increase your sales and profits before Christmas–

Design appealing offers for high orders and parties booked on special dates. Get creative and design a few of your own specials that will get you what you want.

Consider bringing a few popular items or special incentives that you absolutely know will engage the majority of your guests and do a special raffle if 3 or more of your guests decide to host a party.  Place all your new hostesses in a drawing for a special item.

How about offering something for those guests who schedule their party on a certain date or order $100 or $150? If your calendar isn’t what you exactly want then consider this idea.

Many of our members in my Protégé Gold Program that are experiencing  outstanding sales provide holiday cards, wrapping paper and bows (i.e., they don’t wrap the gift because it’s shipped directly to the customer or hostess however they give the customer the wrapping paper, bows and cards to the customers that spend $100 or more).  Some of our Gold members offer additional cash and carry items at 50% – 75% off if  customer books a party or orders $100 – $150.

Get creative. What will set you apart from the typical, average sales person?

Here’s an example:

“Ladies, did you notice all the items on Sue’s dining room table? Anyone who schedules a holiday party prior to December 15th or orders $150 can choose any item on that table at 75% off*… yes up to 75% off! Also, if your order is over $150 I will provide you with wrapping paper, bows and your choice of a holiday card for each of your holiday gifts.” (*You decide the percentage off.)

Think of all the items that you might have in stock that you either earned for free, purchased inexpensively or are no longer in the line.

What do you think? What do you do to incite sales at the holidays? I want to hear from you below–

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
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