Holiday Sales Tip to decrease cancellations and connect with your December and January Hostesses

Here’s a quick holiday tip to decrease cancellations and connect with your December and January hostesses…

Take a picture of your family during Thanksgiving (your family and animals) and either purchase inspirational Christmas cards and add your picture with your holiday cards or customize your card with the picture of your family on the front.

Send your holiday card or postcard to all your live and virtual hostesses that schedule a party from Thanksgiving into January.

Even if they schedule a January party before Christmas, send them your holiday card.

Think about it. How will they interpret your card? “Great picture of their family. I’m so honored she thought of me. We’re friends! She thinks highly of me.” 

What might your write on the card? Something like this, “Jan, thank you so much for scheduling a party for Linda.  I can’t wait to spoil you and your friends on (party date).  I’m looking forward to connecting with you on December 1st at 4:00 to plan your party and pick out your wish list of free goodies.”  [Your name/signature line] Signature line: Bringing women together for fun, laughter and friendship!

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