Your Greatest Summer Ever!

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This was the best SUMMER ever!

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What if this summer was by far the most fulfilling, rewarding and abundant summer of your life?  What would that be worth?  What would you have experienced?  What would you have achieved?  I have the awesome privilege of coaching some unbelievable clients who know the value of intentionally creating a plan for what they want to manifest.  Many of my clients know exactly what they want to experience and achieve this summer with their children, spouses, their health, and their businesses.

Last week while my son and I were relaxing on the river in our boat, I asked him, “Quin, what’s going to make this summer extraordinary for you? Who do you want to hang out with? What do you want to experience? What’s fun for you? Where would you like to visit?” It’s amazing what we created and ironically, I was an example of the principle of “Segment Intention.” Segment intention is your ability to create vision for an aspect of your life and create choices that support the fruition of your deepest intention.

Most of the population creates by osmosis instead of design.  Their past becomes their future because their habits dictate their choices.  I have clients who have created amazing summers by making unreasonable choices… choices they wouldn’t have made without asking themselves questions that lead to perspective, and then options, and then decisions; decisions that evoke their soul and create solutions.

  1. What would make this summer extraordinary for your children?  Consider taking your children to their favorite restaurant and tell them you want them to have the greatest summer of their lives and get curious about what would make it extraordinary.  Create a family list and then make choices that create memories.  (Synthetic/Recreation)
  2. What would make this summer extraordinary for your spouse?  What fuels them?  Create a pleasing environment for your spouse.  Get them in a space to relax, unwind, and then say the magical words, “Baby, I’m curious, if this summer was an incredible summer for you, what would we have experienced?” After you complete your wish list, just decide!
  3. What would make this summer ideal for you? How do you feel about your health? How do you define fun? What brings you joy? Create your wish list and make decisions that light you up.

Often when my clients aren’t achieving the success they desire, it’s usually an indication that they’re not having fun.  Their bored with their life, frustrated with their businesses, and PUSHING TOO HARD; and aren’t in the zone of attraction.  It’s interesting what happens when I ask them what they love to do for fun and then challenge them to do it… they most often begin getting greater results with their business.

Joy and Success,

Steven Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.

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