Getting Multiple Bookings Outside the Party!

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to three guests after the party!

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I’ve realized that too many reps feel that if the guest doesn’t book the night of the party they most likely won’t, so they’ll use manipulative words like… ‘Why don’t we just set a tentative date so we can give Sarah credit and I’ll check in with you next week?’ And the truth is the guest isn’t ready yet.  She’s just contemplating a party and really doesn’t want to commit but she’ll appease the rep, set the date, and never return her call.  Why? Because she felt manipulated by the rep and then it went from connection to subtle demand.

So what’s a “Think about it packet” and how are these reps getting two or three bookings after the party?  What are they saying to engage the guest to consider a party, what’s their system for following up on a guest who’s contemplating a party, and what are they saying and being that are attracting guests to book parties after the party experience? It’s all on the recording!

I’m going to give you four tips on how and why your guests will book from you after the party if you give them a little space and have an extraordinary follow up program that makes them feel special.

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Steven Q. Wiltshire, CEO
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    I believe I am signed up for this experience!

    Has been a whirlwind for me since I listened to Steve’s last call and consequently haven’t had a chance to sit at computer and say THANKS!!! After listening in on that free call, the following day, I received yeses all day. Steve has a gift that I can’t nail down, but I really appreciate him sharing the gift..please pass this note along!:) Best, MILPADA

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