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Below is a small sampling of our training webinars from “Direct Sales 101” Webinar series for direct sales professionals and for direct sales and network marketing leaders, we have the “Direct Sales Leadership Ignite” webinar series.

Direct Sales 101 Webinars

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Top 3 Decisions to Earn Your Ideal Income in 2017: Your Blueprint for Greater Focus, Direction & Achievement

Recruiting Training:

Environments That Promote Huge Recruiting Results

Direct Sales Leadership Ignite

Topics of interest and value to Direct Sales and Network Marketing Leaders are offered monthly/bi-monthly. You can sample some past webinars as free instant access replay.

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Leadership Topics:

Nine Crucial Activities to Building a Million Dollar Organization

Weekly ‘Direct Sales 101’ Webinars for Direct Sales/Party Plan Professionals

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Direct Sales Leadership
Webinars for Direct Sales & Network Marketing Leaders

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Online Radio Show Interviews with Successful Direct Sales/Network Marketing Leaders

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“Your Blueprint to Filling Up Your Calendar”

This FREE training is for reps who want to keep their calendar full, once and for all, and for leaders who want a proven system to support their team!  

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Million Dollar Protege Gold Program

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