042 – Interview with Frank AuCoin

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About Frank

Frank AuCoin is the perfect example of a service minded leader and person that makes a conscious choice to create a positive difference in the world.

Born with an interesting disability, Frank was unable to read and quit school in the 6th grade! Back in the day when teachers thought any issue a child may have which caused them to not be able to learn how to read translated to a child that was unable to learn. Medical science has now realized that this is not the case. There are spectrums of disabilities and/or disease with just about any problem one could have and each type of issue is different. Frank’s issue was actually more of a physical disability with his eyes, not his brain. In fact, he was one of the smartest children in the class.

He has since taught himself everything he knows. Frank studies various subjects for 6-8 hours a day, and has built an empire in direct sales along with several other businesses, written books, created libraries, bookstores and has been written about in Wall Street Journal and quoted in Fortune Magazine. With all the amazing things Frank has accomplished, he still remains of of the most personable and humble humans we have ever met.

Get stimulated to succeed with Frank AuCoin!

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