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Have you created an EXTRAORDINARY party experience for your guests that produces future hostesses over and over again?

I want you to experience extreme success! I want others to be WOW’d by you—the experience you offer your hostess and guests that they can’t wait to take a break from the responsibility of life to connect with their friend. And through that experience, you’re generating a minimum of a $1,000 party average, 2 – 3 bookings and your guests are thinking, “I want to work with her/him. I want what she’s having. She’s extraordinary!”

Your greatest focus is to become extraordinary at giving your hostesses and guests an extraordinary party experience they’ll never forget.

The big question you always want to ask yourself is, “What would make this experience extraordinary for my guests?” Come on, if Oprah launched a national survey with one million Americans and asked them “How extraordinary was your experience at your last direct sales party on a scale of 1 – 10?” At best our industry would receive a whopping 2.5, because most direct sellers are typical and don’t give extraordinary service.

I have thousands of members I coach and train in my Protégé Gold Program, and in my courses I coach and train them how to create their irresistible booking offer. It’s made a huge difference in their results!

In fact you can watch my training video on Huge Profitable Parties and you’ll get the whole scoop.
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You have three objectives: Move, touch and inspire them. What would engage your guests to want to host a friend’s night out party?

  • What do women want? (fun, girlfriend time, connection)
  • What would engage your guests to host? (guests book mainly because of the experience, second for the product, and third to support a friend)

Where are we? We’ll you’re about half way through the party experience and you are showing your products and your guests are writing down their favorite items on their wish list and about half way into your party experience you’ll share your booking commercial, your irresistible offer.

A great way to capture their attention is to gather your guests together for a drawing. Have your hostess standing or sitting next to you and before you draw the winner you move into your irresistible booking offer. Lead lines are great transitions.

Lead line: “Are you having fun? Well if you’re having way too much fun and think your life is way too responsible–maybe it’s time for a “Friend’s Night Out” Party. We could host a wine tasting party, Mexican fiesta, Saturday Continental Breakfast, Choc-o-holic party, Taste of Italy or if you don’t want to vacuum, cook or clean we can host a happy hour party in a restaurant or pizza parlor. I’ll spoil your friends whether we have 3 guests or 20 and you’ll receive… [share your hostess plan very lightly and lead them to the guest care card]”

Schedule 45 minutes to listen to my complimentary video training on Huge Profitable Parties and create an extraordinary Party Experience that gets you HUGE RESULTS!

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.
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