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So you’ve made a goal: 10 new recruits in the next 30 days.

So where do you begin?

The TIP list. Every rep should have a ‘TIP’ list–that is, a list of persons you deem “Talented, Interested or has Potential” that you have in mind to share your opportunity with. This list should be a constant–and updated on a regular basis. And just because someone says no, it might mean ‘not now,’ because things can change over time, the key is to keep in touch and understand where they are in their life. In fact when I was a rep, I almost NEVER took anyone off my list!

So now that you have your list–which is your roadmap–think about how you’ll approach your candidate.

You want to make a personal connection and enroll them in possibility. And every situation might be a little different. I define enrollment as “having conviction and passion about something you want to offer someone and asking enough questions to discover the value it holds for them.” Enrollment is an energy you exude, a passion that you radiate and a vision that you hold for them and you.

Remember, recruiting begins with an important conversation with your potential recruit. This conversation can’t happen through text, a Facebook message or voicemail. Sometimes it’s as simple as inviting them to some special party or event and telling them that you’d love to connect with them.

When considering your approach you need to use your head and your heart.

What do you know about them? What might get them to call you back? How about spending a little time on their Facebook wall and notice what’s happening in their life and if they’re active on Facebook write an acknowledgement on their wall about them–not about your business opportunity–or send them a text to see how they are and rev up dialog and set up a time to chat and see how they are.

How about a card in the mail? I still think cards are an extremely effective way to connect because most people don’t send cards anymore. I have clients who are top recruiters who sit down with their family to watch a movie and in 90 minutes have written 25 cards to send to individuals they want to connect with about their business opportunity. Ironically they don’t even write anything about the business they simple acknowledge, inspire and connect.

So where are we?

Well, you’ve created your roadmap; your “Who’s Talented, Who is Interested and Who Has Potential” list and you’re ready to creatively reach out to the individuals on your TIP list.

If they’re local you might consider inviting them to a party at your home. Schedule a fun them party for your local candidates. With this model you have a real comfortable process as to how to invite and connect with your local candidates.  Meaning, if you’re mailing them an awesome card, add an extraordinary invitation flier in the card, a splash of confetti and an authentic connecting message on the card, (you can find my greeting cards at

Let’s detour for a moment.  How about some of your candidates that are on your “Who’s Talented, Interested and Who Has Potential” list who live outside of your local community? How might you approach them? Well, obviously you don’t have a party to invite them to so your approach is totally different.

Listen to me. The value we offer is always determined by the other person. Your spouse decides the value you give them. Your kid decides the value you give them and your hostess and recruiting candidates decide the value you give them. It’s not the other way around.

When you take the time to allow your intuitive genius to direct you, you’ll find the words and discover your approach.

Remember, what you want is a phone conversation with everybody, but it might take a card in the mail, writing an inspirational message on their Facebook wall or an engaging text that creates dialog that may lead to a conversation. Your approach is similar to dating at this point. The message is an acknowledgement or something about their family or something important to them, NOT your business, not you or some cheesy comment like, “You would be so great at my business.”  

Your non-negotiable: Make it about them and learn how to get into their world and build trust, appreciation and connection!

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