050 – Special “Words to Live By”

By September 26, 2015Leadership, Leadership Lifeline
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About this episode:

Learn from the best by listening to this episode featuring these amazingly faith driven leaders Kim Young, Author of “The Game Of Uncomplicated Success,” Lisa Brunnette & Renee Poindexter.

The messages you will hear through these highlights of our very first few episodes will lead you to listen to these leaders dedicated interviews in Episodes 4, 5 & 6. Remember to bring who you are to what you do and how you learn! Thank you, Renee Poindexter.

“Being intentional with your business and leading with integrity are the most important attributes to being a successful leader.” –Lisa Brunnette

I want to thank all of our listeners by giving $1000’s of coaching products and services away to help you grow your business and continue on the path of building your own strong economy!

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