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This article is an excerpt from my free 1-hour webinar training ‘Huge Profitable Parties’ available for replay for a limited time.

Honestly, do you schedule times to connect through phone calls, text and Facebook or do you just wing it when you feel like it?

Come on, get honest with me.

If I went through your calendar over the last 6 weeks, how many times would I notice you actually scheduled out times to connect with others? And if you have scheduled out time to connect with others, did you really stick to your schedule or did you short change your results by only following through half of the time you allotted or a fourth of the time you scheduled out to connect with your potential future hostesses What’s the truth?

Part of my success blueprint that will guarantee your results is setting yourself up to be your best before you pick up the phone, engage through social media or text.

I call this step “The Power of Engagement.” Meaning if you were running a marathon, or had a lead role in a play or were in an important tournament, you’d go through some process of gearing up mentally to be your best, wouldn’t you?

I have 5 tips for you:

  • Create your “Who do I want to host a party for” list at least 24 hours in advance. This is an administration task. It’s boring for most of you. It’s not fun, but you can make it fun. Schedule an hour, make your favorite beverage, put some soft music on, light a candle and get to work!
  • Schedule at least five, two-hour slots within your seven day campaign to connect with those on your “Who do I want to host a party for” list? Meaning, let’s say your first day of your campaign is a week from today, then for seven days following you would have five two hour slots to make connection calls. If you really want to add your ideal parties/events to your calendar and to stop having to constantly reach out to others every time your calendar is empty, you must show up and schedule your five two hour slots in your calendar during your seven day campaign. Make a decision: when does day one begin?
  • Design an extraordinary environment. What kind of an environment might you design that would move, touch and inspire you to serve to your greatest capacity? How about when you’re driving in rush hour traffic or your messy office or while your kids are arguing in the other room. NOT! Get intentional! Design an ideal environment and get yourself in the mindset to serve. Go for a walk before you reach out to others through Facebook, calls and text or pray or read inspiration or take a nap. What room in your home will give you a ZEN feeling? How about affirmations on the wall, “I leave extraordinary messages!” “I serve to my greatest capacity!” I’m detached from an outcome!” “I bring joy into every conversation!”
  • Decide how you want to be perceived by those you are connecting with. How do you want them to feel when they hear your voice mail or converse directly with you? Listen carefully, “The value I offer is always determined by the other person–the individual I am serving!” What does that mean? Others decide the value you give them NOT YOU! This offers you an opportunity to look at life through the person you’re serving. It will actually give you intuitive guidance prior to picking up the phone. I love this principal and it has called me forth to be my best in many situations.
  • Commit to action not emotion. Too many people wait to feel good and then take action instead of take action and feel good. When you are of integrity with your word, you’ll feel better about yourself. When we feel better about ourselves we are attractive to others.

This training is from my premium ecourse “Exploding Your Personal Business Over the Top,” only available through my Million Dollar Protege Gold Program. You can view my free 1-hour webinar training ‘Huge Profitable Parties’ available for replay for a limited time.

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