052 – Interview with Ellen Lewis

By October 16, 2015Leadership, Leadership Lifeline
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About Ellen

Often our adversities are disguised as opportunities to see what we are capable of.  My guest Ellen Lewis sold her business about a decade ago to free up her time for her ideal life, and took a leap of faith that she would attract the ideal opportunity.

Ellen was invited to a launch party for a friend and although the product wasn’t a fit, she saw a vision for herself in the Direct Sales Industry and stepped into action to find a company that would be ideal.

What we think about, comes about. Ellen was practicing the concepts taught in Rhonda Byrne’s best selling book and movie, “The Secret.” Ellen became very specific about what she wanted to attract in a career and one of the key components was an ideal mentor.

Fast forward almost ten years, Ellen’s journey has been a dream come true. Ellen has been recognized for many achievements and gives full credit to her amazing team. Ellen’s passion is mentoring others to lead their life and pay it forward. I’ve had the honor of supporting Ellen in Lifeline’s Million Dollar Protege Leadership Program. Ellen is a student in service of others, meaning she’s all about expanding her knowledge in service of mentor others to grow in leadership.

Find your ideal life by getting inspired with Ellen Lewis on The Leadership Lifeline, Online Radio!

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

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