001 – Interview with Ed Mercer

By November 2, 2014February 21st, 2015Leadership Lifeline
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Ed Mercer is one of the world’s leading self-made billionaires and philanthropists.  From his modest beginnings to making his first million dollars at age 27, Author of “The Eighth Grade Millionaire” has become a beacon of fervent light in the world.

Ed’s passion coupled with his caring & humble nature fueled his efforts to extend a helping hand in Costa Rica. Through Ed’s staggering efforts since building his home in Costa Rica; saving endangered Macaw Parrots and changing the laws surrounding the insidious act of shark fining, he has elevated the natives and this beautiful land from a needlessly suffering status to a nurturing land of opportunity.  Ed Mercer and his potent, breathtaking interview with Steve will leave you feeling like you too can ignite your vision and change the world through dynamic leadership.


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