Do you give an extraordinary party experience?

If your party guests told you how extraordinary you are and that they have never had so much fun at a party before, do you even doubt that your booking calendar would be full?

So, let me ask you a question. How much time have you spent in the past reaching out to others to fill your calendar; constantly following up on others through phone calls, text and social media? Worse than time, it’s a drainer. Most likely hours of time investing in doing exactly what you don’t want to do.

Now for the most important question that will change everything. How much time do you spend learning every aspect of the party experience; educating yourself, tweaking, readjusting and practicing it over and over again? Even if your ideal model is an open house style or virtual event, when you know your ideal outcome, understand what others want and practice the process, you’ll amplify your confidence and know how to be your best. What’s the truth? How much time have you invested in organizing your format and practicing it over and over again.

Our business is no different than what successful teenagers do who want to become superior at a sport, playing an instrument or mastering some craft like drama, cheerleading or dance. They practice it over and over again. The difference with us adults is that most adults don’t start anything new after they graduate school so they forget the obvious: if you want to play the game, you had better master the craft, or you’ll be on the bench most of the season.

The problem is that most people are so distracted with their network and fast pace lifestyle that they’re on autopilot participating in non-income producing activities, instead of income producing activities, and your #1 income producing activity in direct sales is to create a party experience that blows your guests away.

I want you to experience extreme success! I want others to be WOW’d by you and the experience you offer your hostess and guests that they can’t wait to take a break from the responsibility of life to connect with their friends. And through that experience, you’re generating a minimum of a $1,000 party average, 2 – 3 bookings and your guests are thinking, “I want to work with her/him. I want what she’s having. She’s extraordinary!”

Well, what if you and I could create your rendition of an ideal party experience and you were consistently experiencing $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000 parties and an average of three bookings from each party? Wouldn’t that be so cool?!

So, if you’re exhausted and overwhelmed with the thought of having to constantly pick up the phone, or make connections on Facebook to schedule parties or replace parties, and you’re realizing that the party experience you give your hostesses and guests is flat, you’re in the right place. Everything is about to change for you!

If you’re willing to get honest about what you need to change about yourself and are willing to study what I am sharing with you during my ‘instant replay’ webinar, practice it and take action, do you think your results will change? Enough said!

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