Are Distractions Sabotaging Your Success?

By October 15, 2014December 5th, 2014All Articles, Bookings and Parties, Motivation, Organization

You might have bought into the belief that it’s hard to build a network marketing or direct sales business when in reality you’re operating in a state of confusion most of the time with no sense of focus or boundaries which is the real reason why you’re not successful.  [View the free webinar replay HERE].

Most people are just busy being busy and they’re following this squirrel and that squirrel and feel like their productive however there’s really no plan or they don’t focus on their plan. What’s the plan? It’s the most important priorities you can take action on that ensure the outcome you most desire experiencing whether it’s your health, most important relationships, your faith are your career.

We used to have to go find information and now the information finds us, whether it’s your phone constantly ringing, social media channels tempting us, constant text messages to reply to, emails that keep us from our income producing activities vying for our attention.

In order to be successful you have to declare war on information getting your attention and most importantly declare war on your inner critic that tells you to open this, read this, register for this, answer this and do that.

I’m so excited to coach and train you on how to create a framework to attract the success you desire personally and professionally. Recently, I did a webinar training based on my Gold Protege Membership ecourse “Choice Management: Taking Back Your Time, Life & Business.”

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