How to Avoid ‘Booking Remorse’

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What do you think goes through the mind of your new hostess as she drives home from a party?  “Why did I schedule that party? I have so much on my plate” or “My husband isn’t going to be happy about this” or “Last time I scheduled a party hardly anyone showed up.  Maybe I should cancel.” Does every new hostess feel this way?  No. Do half of your new hostesses feel this way? Yes.  It’s called “Booking Remorse.”

What happened?  I’ll tell you what happened.  Most likely your guest had a great time and wanted to duplicate that experience with her friends.  After all, we all want more fun but life is too demanding. Perhaps your guest decided to host because she was really excited about the product (or perhaps a combination of reasons).  She enjoyed you, loved the product, and the experience was extraordinary.

Regardless of why she booked, several of your new hostesses experience “Booking Remorse.”  This subject is commonly brought up by many of my clients during my coaching calls and group mentoring calls.  What I’ve noticed through asking clients questions and coaching them on this subject is that most reps give their guests an extraordinary experience; and then after the guest decides to host, the rep pours on the responsibility.

You’re going to want to over invite to insure a great attendance, most likely 35 to 50 guests, or they start hostess coaching the hostess on all the details about the party.  Their new hostess becomes exhausted and overwhelmed.  I’ve also found the opposite.  The rep hands the hostess a packet and tells them they’ll call them.  The new hostess’ interest level becomes diminished because the rep takes too long to connect with them.  Soon the assumptions begin to creep in and the hostess loses interest.

Our greatest commodity is time, especially for women.  Women have ten roles to every man’s one.  If you expect your new hostess to follow through with the party, you must “WOW” them.

I’m going to give you a few powerful tips that will greatly diminish your cancellations and rescheduled parties and attract mega guests because of your hostess’ “OVER THE TOP” excitement.  During the recording I’ll expand on each of the tips.

Success Tip #1: Focus on connecting with your new hostess instead of overwhelming her with too much information.  Acknowledge her and stay curious… “You are so fun.  I’m so excited to spoil your friends. Jana, what’s going to make this party extraordinary for you and your friends? What theme sounds fun to you? Who do you really want to spend your special evening with?” It’s just like great courting and dating; if you met someone at a party and they asked you out, you’d keep it light and fun.  During the recording I’ll expand on my “Initial Hostess Coaching Secrets.”

Success Tip #2: MAC – “Morning After Call.” Call your hostess the day after the party and leave her an authentic message.  “Hi Janie, its Steve Wiltshire.  I was thinking about Daphne’s party last night and how much I enjoyed you.  I’m so honored you decided to have a party and I can’t wait to spoil your friends.  I’m looking forward to connecting with you on Thursday at Starbucks.  I hope you’re having an awesome day Janie.  Take care!”

Success Tip #3: Send an engaging card the day after your new hostess schedules her party.  People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.  An appreciative, grateful spirit is simply attractive.  Most of the members in my Million Dollar Protégé Program have this nailed.

Hunt for cards with incredible quotes.  I prefer quotable cards or send out cards.  Quotes say a lot about you. This little expense will save you time and make you WAY MORE INCOME!  Develop the habit of sending your new hostess a card immediately after they schedule their party.  Something like this… “Janie, thank you for scheduling a party from Daphne.   I can’t wait to spoil you and your friends.  Let’s take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy a friend’s night out.  I’m looking forward to meeting you at Starbucks on Thursday at 4:30.  Please remember your guest list.  I’ll send your friends an extraordinary invitation.  Joyous day to you! ~ Steve.”

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Joy and Success,

Steven Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.

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