003 – Interview with Dannette Klein

By November 10, 2014February 21st, 2015Leadership Lifeline
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About Dannette

Dannette Klein has achieved phenomenal success in the direct sales industry that millions dream of having.

She started her business eight years ago and Dannette’s success wasn’t anything that she had ever expected. Executive Leader Dannette Klein joined the direct sales industry to have the freedom to raise her children according to her values and generate an income for the extras in life. Today she leads an organization of over 5,000, developed several executive leaders on her team and she’s accomplished all of this without sacrificing her core values. Dannette is a personal client of Steve’s in Lifeline’s Protégé Leadership Program and now a Senior Elite member, which means she’s stepped into a mentoring role and impacted many lives within our community.

Dannette has profoundly impacted Steve’s life and the lives of many leaders from many different companies. Dannette Klein has a marriage most dream of.  She’s the mother everyone wants to emulate and she lives life in the highest form of integrity. Her compassion for others honestly takes our breath away. Get ready to meet Dannette Klein.

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