041 – Interview with Danette & Ken Kroll

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About Danette & Ken Kroll

Wow. What a team. Danette & Ken Kroll now run a successful direct sales business together. But it was not always this way! Get inspired by learning how to support your friend, spouse or family member that starts a business in Direct Sales. Ken & Danette are proof that your support will pay off in a big way, not just monetarily, but personally and professionally as well!

Danette has always been in the education field and Ken in the corporate world. Let’s just say that Ken was a bit skeptical when trying to wrap his head around how to create a successful business with a direct sales company and jokingly told Danette to “invite the CEO over for dinner and we’ll talk.” Not too long after, there was the CEO, over for dinner so that Ken could pick his brain.

It sure is a good thing he made it over because Ken & Danette Kroll are the most energetic, positive and inspiring husband and wife team we have had the pleasure of interviewing together!

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