017 – Interview with Cyndi Jackson

By January 7, 2015February 21st, 2015Leadership, Leadership Lifeline
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About Cyndi

“Sometimes you have to lose everything to gain what God has for you”.
-Cyndi Jackson

This amazing & humble leader gives God the glory in all that she does.

Could you imagine being a nurse and then having an immediate family member unexpectedly suffer a major brain hemorrhage? Without  spiritual guidance and faith it would be difficult to imagine how you might process this devastation.

As one of our Elite Members at Lifeline, she has been a major catalyst, suggesting incredible ideas which led to building one of our coaching programs to the heights it has achieved today.

Cyndi’s inspiring interview perfectly explains why when your business is grounded in faith and you have the systems in place to support your team, you can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.

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