Create a Customer VIP Program and create customers for life!

By far the greatest decision you can make to give your customers greater value–and engage guests and customers to be a customer for life–is to create a VIP Program.

It doesn’t matter what you name it, because it’s basically a program that gives your customers special services and opportunities.

Before I break down the process, I want to give you an example of how one of my clients positions herself at events, parties and one-on-one personal appointments to engage everyone that she’s sharing her products with to join her VIP Program. Don’t get caught up in the product example, rather, contemplate your product and think about what you might offer that would have them think, “Wow, that’s extraordinary!”

Image that you’re a guest at my client, Lynn’s SPA party. At one point prior to the shopping experience, Lynn says something like this [say it with energy]:

“I want to be your representative for life.  Anytime you think about skincare, spa or image products, I want you to think “Lynn will take good care of me!” I’d like to extend an invitation to join my VIP Program.  It’s 100% complimentary. With any size purchase you can become a VIP member. 

All my members have access to my Private Facebook group and every month I give away several drawings for products and each week I offer tips on skin care, anti aging and image. Every quarter, I host a very special theme VIP Celebration Party for my members and all my members can invite a guest. You’ll receive advanced notices about new items and specials offered by our company. All new VIP members will receive a coupon with your purchase for 30% off your next purchase up to $50. Most importantly I will give you extraordinary service and you’ll have direct access to my cell. I want to lead you to your Guest Care Card and the first question reads, Indicate your interest on a scale of 1 – 10 about joining my VIP Customer Care Program.  9 means, tell me more and 10 means, absolutely I want to join your VIP Program.”   

Let’s talk about how Lynn offers her customers 30% off their next purchase. It’s called a breakeven offer.

That means Lynn gives back part of her commission with the intent to grab the customers attention and engage them to contact her.  She actually makes 40% so instead of giving them 40% she is able to cover the 30% discount she offers them, the shipping and handling and make a little bit on the back end of the offer. It’s brilliant and it works!

Now imagine this:

You create this ideal Customer Care Packet which is simply a legal size colored envelope with a Thank You for Purchasing standard letter, your business card and a coupon for a percentage off on a certain amount of product with their next purchase directly through you.

Where are we? You’re taking an order and you look at your guest and you say, “Lisa it’s been a pleasure getting to know you, thank you for your purchase. It would be an honor to be your representative for life. Here’s your Customer Care Packet.  You’ll notice a coupon for 30% off on $50 of merchandise.  You may redeem that directly from me outside of a party. Also I’ve added my business card and instructions on how to join my VIP Program and Private Facebook Group.  I’ll add your receipt in the envelope. You’ll receive your order in about two weeks.  If you have any questions whatsoever reach out to me.”

Ok, let’s breakdown the process

•    Come up with a name for your VIP Program.
•    Create a Private Facebook Group for your customers.
•    Do monthly drawings.
•    Create a Customer Care Packet (letter, coupon and business card).
•    Host a VIP Party quarterly.
•    Post weekly tips regarding your product.
•    Most importantly, design and practice your commercial.

Hundreds of my members in my Protege Gold Member have created STELLAR Customer VIP Programs and it has exploded their personal business and giving them a network of continuous contacts, referrals and repeat business. During our Pay-It-Forward Campaign you can receive Lifetime Membership at the lowest price EVER OFFERED. Could this be the program that’s the GAME CHANGER in your business?

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Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.
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