Theresa Proctor

TTheresa Proctorheresa Proctor is one of the world’s greatest Encouragers.

There is tremendous empowerment in the gift of encouragement, just think how much more you will be inspired to accomplish with greater support. No worries, you will notice increased fulfillment when coaching with Theresa. She knew after a combined 21 years of superlative corporate and direct sales experience, it was her obligation to give at a higher level.

“You can be the designer of your life or the victim of your circumstances, the choice is yours to Move Forward. It is with tremendous joy that I assist you in moving forward with truth, in trust and ultimately building a testimony of your own that will motivate and influence your team, excite your company and bless so many others.” – Theresa Proctor

Schedule your time with Theresa today to receive greater clarity about your direction in life and strategies that will catapult your team to promotion and consequently serve as personal advancement for you. You’ve just been introduced to your new coach. Get ready to rejoice, your prayers have been answered!