Shannon Grant

Shannon Grant

Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker, Shannon Grant has taken her analytical style to ascertain ways to be a blessing to every person she encounters. Her love for enchanting scents complements her mission to leave a sweet aroma of impacting the lives of others. After being in her presence you will feel better about yourself, yet speaking about her.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Ohio State University, she began her career as a Chemist. The experiments offered some excitement, however she knew the research of family became she and her husband’s motivation. While enjoying the role of Chief Family Officer raising her children, she accidentally stumbled upon entrepreneurship. It did not take long before the accidental business launch shifted into a thriving and lucrative empire.

Shannon’s gift of clarity guides her clients, team and those whom she serves to discover their next best move professionally and personally. As a Servant Leader in the direct sells industry, she leads a winning team with a spirit of gratitude. She has built a family culture within her team, which makes collaboration, achievement and success the model. There are some that climb the ladder for all to applaud their efforts and others like Shannon that takes pride in holding the ladder for her team members to thrive.

Shannon has earned several awards within her company yet one she treasures is the Annual Sales Awards, simply because this award demonstrates her love and service to others. Shannon has also won well over a dozen of all expense paid vacations to Greece, Dominican Republic, and Mexico just to name a few. She has been invited to speak around the nation to audiences as large as 16,000 to inspire and share her best practices in business. It is evident she will leave a mark in the world that will never be erased.

As a happy wife and mom to four beautiful children, she has unlocked the code to family, faith and career balance. From homeschooling and transporting her children to softball or gymnastics to team leadership events and spending special time with her husband, Shannon says it’s not easy but it’s worth it.  She also manages to find her “me time” by riding her horse Favor into the sunset. It is without any reservation, she attributes her success in family, faith and career to God.