Lynn Johnson Wiltshire

LynnWiltshireLgLynn Johnson Wiltshire is one of the original co-founders of Lifeline Coaching and Education Inc. Lynn is a professional life and business coach, dynamic success trainer and accomplished author. After 15 years in the industry, over 3,000 parties, several hundred recruits and leading one of the largest organizations in her company, Lynn decided to bring her talents, systems and inspiration to as many individuals and companies as possible.

Lynn believes that retention will become more consistent when companies and leaders offer programs and services that support the representative’s WHOLE life, both personally and professionally.

“Change is inevitable; transformation is a choice!” I know you are resourceful and resilient, capable of creating and accomplishing much more than you probably are.  I also realize that there are times when we all may experience temporary setbacks and discouragement.  I love the challenge of empowering others to take responsibility for the life and business they desire.  Whether you’re a beginning Representative or a seasoned Leader, it is through awareness, education and actions steps, that we get clear, get focused, and integrate systems that produce extraordinary results. It’s time to think bigger… let me coach and inspire you to live your highest and your best!

Coaching Opportunities –

Foundation Session:  Begin your journey into coaching with a 90 – 120 minute Session: Here is where we will build our Alliance, Go deeper into what you desire, Identify your “Big A” Agenda, Your “Why”,  Discover your Top 10 Values, and so much more.

$240 (90 minute session with Lynn for a discounted price) – CLICK HERE

I offer once monthly, twice monthly or a specially priced ‘three times monthly’ 40-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions. Use the links below to register to enroll in recurring billing options that you may cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

Once Monthly, 40-minute ‘one-on-one’ coaching session – ($175/mo.) – CLICK HERE

Twice Monthly, 40-minute ‘one-on-one’ coaching sessions – ($300/mo.) CLICK HERE

Three Times Monthly, 40-minute ‘one-on-one’ coaching sessions – ($375/mo.) CLICK HERE

Not sure yet? CLICK HERE for a specially priced ‘Vision Coaching

Vision Coaching – This one-hour coaching session is your own personal introduction to coaching. Meet one-on-one with a Lifeline Coach and get inspired and motivated!

Become crystal clear about your current level of satisfaction and distinguish how to attain higher levels of fulfillment in the most important areas of your life. Take your business to the next level by looking at what is possible and creating a plan to get there. Special Introductory Price:  $60.00 (retail value $125.00). Click here for a Vision Coaching with Lynn.