Jessica Andersen

Jessica Andersen

If you had ever told me I would have a career in Direct Sales, I would have said you were CRAZY!  But 7 years later this industry has changed my life and dared me to dream bigger for myself and my family.  I am the wife of a pastor and the mom of three little kids and I have used my business to create a life I love that puts my family first!

My biggest passion now is to dare others to dream bigger!  Coaching people to create a life and business that they love is such an honor and a privilege!  I want others to experience the freedom and hope that I have been able to create and sometimes that means that I get to believe in YOU even when you can’t do if for yourself!

I fell into Lifeline’s Gold Program when I wanted my business to allow me to stay at home with my two girls.   Then I tackled the Leadership Program when my husband wanted to go back to school.  I had a very small team when I started and now hold the top level in my company.  Even more than all the wonderful curriculums though, coaching is what changed everything for me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to give back and serve as one of Lifeline’s Executive Coaches

No matter where you are in the business, YOU CAN DO THIS!  And as your coach, I am committed to helping your DARE TO DREAM!