Deb Leightner


We are all scheduled to evolve and when we ignite our purpose, cores values and greatest attributes our vision appears as if by magic.  Much of my life was spent comparing myself to others and making choices based on what I assumed was acceptable and what other people expected of me.  Six years ago I hired a coach and my life will never be the same.  As I evolved I noticed I attracted the ideal people, situations and experiences into my life.  I realized that when I shifted internally, my results shifted externally.  I believe in the human potential and know my calling is evoking the greatest potential in others and partnering with them to create their customized LIFE BLUEPRINT to manifest their deepest desires.

I stumbled into the world of Direct Sales 10 years ago and noticed my passion was mentoring my team members.  Four years into leadership I stepped into Lifeline’s Million Dollar Protege Program and coaching with Steve Wiltshire.  After the first month I noticed many friends, peers and team members telling me, “There’s something different about you.”   Through empowered choices my relationships improved, my results exploded and my vitality for living was beyond anything I would have ever imagined.  My organization results grew beyond my wildest dreams, my personal business and personal recruiting was recognized nationally and I created a well oil machine that gave my team the ability to achieve their deepest dreams.  Over the last four years I’ve plugged into the world of coaching, personal development and how to build a thriving Direct Sales Business.  I now specialize in coaching leaders how to achieve their personal and professional intentions by creating a blueprint that guarantees success in every arena of their life.   Your life is a blank canvas awaiting your commitment to picking up your brush and creating the colorful new life you’re worthy of experiencing.

Coaching Opportunities – I offer once monthly, twice monthly or a specially priced ‘three times monthly’ 40-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions. Use the links below to register to enroll in recurring billing options that you may cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

Once Monthly, 40-minute ‘one-on-one’ coaching session – ($175/mo.) – CLICK HERE

Twice Monthly, 40-minute ‘one-on-one’ coaching sessions – ($300/mo.) CLICK HERE

Three Times Monthly, 40-minute ‘one-on-one’ coaching sessions – ($375/mo.) CLICK HERE

Not sure yet? CLICK HERE for a specially priced ‘Vision Coaching

Vision Coaching – This one-hour coaching session is your own personal introduction to coaching. Meet one-on-one with a Lifeline Coach and get inspired and motivated!

Become crystal clear about your current level of satisfaction and distinguish how to attain higher levels of fulfillment in the most important areas of your life. Take your business to the next level by looking at what is possible and creating a plan to get there. Special Introductory Price:  $60.00 (retail value $125.00). Click here for a Vision Coaching with Deb.