Beth Reed, Social Media Strategist

Beth has a long history in the corporate world of integrating web and marketing through positions such as web strategist, user interface designer and webmaster. For the past 10 years, Beth has brought these skills into her direct sales business, combining her technology background with her love for helping women succeed. Beth is passionate about helping women see that they can have more, do more and even BE more through direct sales.

BethReedLG“You know you want to succeed in your business. You believe you can, and are doing a lot of the right things, but yet something is missing. Let me, as your coach, help identify what that might be and where you could make changes that can significantly improve not only your business, but your work/life balance, as well.

Probably none of us were little children dreaming of someday having a career in direct sales. That just doesn’t happen, right? In fact, for most of us it goes entirely against the “get a high paying job and work 9 to 5” mentality that we had ingrained in us from a young age. You may have even had those closest to you in your life, such as spouse, family and friends, tell you that “that direct sales thing can’t work.” I’m here to tell you it can.

During my time with my direct sales company, I’ve made it to the top one half of one percent. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: anyone can do it! My passion is helping women see that they can do more, have more, and BE more than they ever dreamed possible. No magic wand required!

What it does require is the willingness to do some hard work, the acceptance that change happens outside of your comfort zone, and the wisdom to know that you can’t do this alone.”   ~Beth Reed

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