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Most likely everything you’ve learned is ‘ask everyone’ if they’d like to book a party with you… but is that what you really want?

Wouldn’t you rather work with people who you’d LIKE to work with and LOVE your product?

Everything in life begins with a roadmap and the roadmap in this game is your “Who do I want to host a party for?” invitation list. Your “Who do I want to host a party for?” invitation list is your ongoing list of everyone in your past who has expressed interest about hosting their own friends night out party as well as your favorite previous hostesses and guests and anyone you know or WANT to get to know who you would love to spoil and give them an experience with their friends that they’ll never forgot.

Come on, get yourself in that state. A state of passion, service and conviction! This is where the magic comes from.

So obviously the action begins with your well thought out list. In theory it appears to be an easy task however I believe in your mind the belief as to what you think others are thinking of you or what you think others will do or not do and your assumptions are the one thing that will keep you from following through with completing this important step.

Why do you suppose that this is so? It’s very simple–you’re focused on the outcome and the result instead of serving and connecting and having fun leaving joyful enthusiastic messages and having conversations that light others up.

If you want to break your state and beliefs just start asking yourself the right questions.

  • Who would I love to host a party for?
  • Who’s someone I’d love to get to know more (neighbors, friend of a friend, someone who you do business with, the fun Starbucks employee, the outgoing bank teller or your insurance agent)
  • Who in your past has said, “I can’t host a party right now but I will in the future?”
  • Who have you connected with at a party or loves your product?
  • Who have you supported recently that might want to return that generosity?

Remember, get ready, aim and then fire. Action without thought can’t be extraordinary and if you want to win this game, the thought you constantly want to manifest is, “what will make this extraordinary for them?”

If you and I were coaching right now, face to face, my request would be for you to email me your top 50 list and to indicate your top 20 in order of who you really want to connect with first.

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