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Comparison is the thief of joyWhen you learn how to deliberately focus your thoughts toward good feelings, regardless of what is happening to you externally, it is not difficult to find happiness and maintain it even before you accomplish your deepest intentions.

The feeling that you are struggling happens because of the persistent assessment of where you are right now in relation to what you are striving for. When you constantly take score, noticing the distance that still needs to be traveled, you amplify the distance, the task and the effort. That is why it feels like such an uphill struggle.

When you choose to care more about how you feel, instead of what is happening externally, and choose thoughts that make you feel happy, you then develop patterns of thought that will eventually bring your desires into fruition. Why? It’s because you’re in your business, not life’s business or their business or God’s business. You become powerful; you believe in yourself and then naturally take actions based on what you can control.

It’s through that process you realize that your value is not in the outcome or the achievement, your value is in what you can generate in the moment; the power to make decisions that are in your realm of control. When that becomes your greatest focus (making powerful choices), and it becomes a habit, anything you want will eventually come to be. It’s simply law!

Your challenge this week is to carry a three by five card with you that reads, “How well am I doing at thinking good thoughts and detaching from the outcome? What thoughts will take me where I want to go?” Share your takeaway on my Facebook page–I’d love to hear from you!

Love and success,

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.

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