Do You Have a Stellar Interview?

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Do you have a STELLAR interview? If I were to interview the last three individuals that you interviewed and asked them to give me a score on a scale of 1 to 10 as to how well you did at sharing your business opportunity, what score do you suppose they would give you? During this short video training about developing your own stellar interview.

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Your Opportunity Gift – Video Blog

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What’s your system after a guest expresses interest in learning more about your business opportunity?  Do you have a system for that?  And if so, how’s it working for you? Listen to a simple practice that could explode your business if you consistently handing out opportunity gifts!

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Are you listening?

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“Listening is so close to being loved, that most people can’t tell the difference.” ~David Oxberg

Most direct sales professionals talk more than they listen which is why they’re most likely not getting what they want or miss out on much opportunity and the greatest opportunity to bless others by being in the moment.  Did you know that there are three levels of listening? I want to introduce you to the first two levels of listening.

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