Distinguishing Your Dreams, Purpose & Vision for 2014

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You and I are worthy of living a life of bliss, fulfillment and abundance, but unless we’re clear about what that is, and unless we put our time, treasures and talents into that vision, it’s inevitable that were going to experience much of the same kind of life that we’ve been living.  WHY? Life doesn’t change unless we change!

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Healthy Goal Setting

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Often we can become so attached to a goal, that the goal itself immobilizes us.  We are so bonded to the goal that we base our self-worth on our achievements instead of our choices.

I believe something like that can become the death of your business and rip your self-esteem in half. You have no control over your future or your goals. What you do have control of are your choices.

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Get Out of Chaos

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“Get Out of Chaos and Into Clarity:

5 Success Tips That Will Save You Hours of Time”

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Always plan your day the night before:

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can get you there, meaning circumstances will decide for you.

When you’re clear about your plan, you can work the plan effectively without doubt!  If you and I were to have a conversation right now, and I asked you exactly what Read More